Norm Began working in the motorcycle industry in the early 70’s. To say he was a keen road racing fan would be an understatement, as he intently followed the sport while growing up in the close company of racing legends such as Robbie Phillis.

Norms first shift at Hartley Kawasaki (now known as Causeway Kawasaki), was on the 6th of Feb, 1986 and he hasn’t looked back for 30 years.

His passion and love for motorcycles carried through to his endurance racing efforts, where he brought home several state championship titles in the 90s. The next decade saw Norm delve into the restoration of classic Japanese motorcycles which he owned in the early 80s.

Here are a few words of appreciation from Norm’s closest colleagues:

“This man bleeds green and is one of Western Australia's finest Kawasaki Ambassadors. Be it a motorcycle show or a field day Norm is out there promoting the Kawasaki Brand.

Norm remains as one of the few motorcycle sales person left in the industry that pride himself in offering the Kawasaki buyer product knowledge and genuine service at a fair price.

His knowledge of parts, particularly vintage parts, is well known and his ability to rattle off part numbers to many obscure long forgotten models is uncanny!

A true sign of a quality Salesperson is when a father brings his son down to the centre to introduce him to Norm, the man who sold him his first Kawasaki Motorcycle. Many of these customers have become lifelong friends of Norm and the Kawasaki brand.

I, together with many of Norm's loyal customers, congratulate Norm on his in achievement and look forward to seeing him selling Kawasakis for many years to come.” - Wayne Smith, Opperations Manager at Causeway Kawasaki

“Imagine it’s February 1986, you start your first day at Hartley Kawasaki. The Australian motorcycle is in the beginnings of what is about to be a massive change. Your best friend, Rob Phillis, has just won his fifth Australian Superbike title and the Kawasaki GPZ 900 is dominating global sales and breaking all records throughout the world. Well this is how the Norm Larkin story began. Fast forward and we are pleased to be able to celebrate Norm’s 30th year at Kawasaki. He has been a great sales ambassador and a valuable member of our team.” - Dave Parkinson, Sales Manager at Causeway Kawasaki

“He has never lost the passion for motorcycles of the people he has met over the many years in the industry. He is a very well know identity in the motorcycle community Australia wide." - Norm's Wife.

Kawasaki Motors Australia would like to thank Norm Larkin for his support and genuine love for our brand. We wish Norm many more years of the satisfaction that is brought to him by being involved with the motorcycling lifestyle and Kawasaki motorcycles in particular.

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