Kawasaki Motors Australia opened our platform to invite customers to review their own motorbikes. We recently received this customer review of the Ninja H2 SX from Alex, here is his review.

I walked into Perth Kawasaki, just to kill a bit of time, and walked past my future bike.  The first time I saw it I could not help but think the bike looked spectacular, with the heavy metallic green paint.

I was coming off a Honda CTX1300FA, which was great for long distance comfort, but strangely enough, not great for touring. Why no cruise control Honda? In addition, just no fun factor when I got where I was going.

I love this bike, it is absolutely spectacular to look at. It is one of those machines that I rub the seat as I walk past as though I was patting my missus on the bum. I can understand that some may find the front polarising, but I love it.

Although not quite as comfortable as the CTX, I still find that I am able to ride for 13 hours from Perth to Home, and still be able to ride again the next day. The overtaking power on the open road is instantly addictive, a stock truck triple road train just disappears with a simple twist of the right wrist, but I can still manage to ride around town without instant loss of licence. The cruise control ensures that I can maintain license preserving speeds.

That acceleration makes traffic lights fun.  Particularly with the panniers installed, destroying the hopes and dreams of bogans in loud SS Commodores, HSVs or Harleys is always amusing, how did that touring bike just do that?  I always need to be mindful that the cameras are red light / speed here in WA, I am sure that on the larger intersections I can be in speeding fine territory before I have exited the intersection.

The cornering ability of this bike so far exceeds on the dead straight roads where I live that it almost feels wasted.  As such the rear S21 had to be replaced at around 7000Km, with almost perfect tread on the sidewalls.  I have never had a corner or roundabout where I did not think that the bike would not hold the corner.

I generally ride with the panniers installed, but being easily removable means that I can treat them as suitcases, and bring them into my accommodation and giving me a clean motorcycle for destroying traffic in the city.  I have found that the mirrors are a good guide for the width of the panniers while filtering.

I really like the sound of the bike, particularly the supercharger whistle, and psshhht, but I think an Akraprovic slip on is on the cards soon. There are a couple of things I think could be improved;  the headlight is not as good as it could be for a touring motorcycle and When I am riding from above the Tropic of Capricorn to Perth in Spring, heated grips would be nice as standard.

In short, after 6 months and 8000Km I absolutely love this motorcycle.  Would I have waited for the Ninja 1000SX if I had known it was coming, probably, but I am not trading.

Want to learn more about the 2020 Kawasaki Ninja H2 SX SE? Click here. 

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