Get to know a Kawasaki Dealer

In Bathurst, NSW, you will find the great Kawasaki dealership, Mick Muldoon Motorcycles.

In the aim to support local Australian business, Kawasaki Motors Australia (KMA) reached out and talked with Mick and the team at Mick Muldoon Motorcycles (MMM) to find out how they are are handling the pandemic in their area and help spread the word about their great dealership.

KMA: How long has your dealership been selling Kawasaki products?

(MMM): Here at Mick Muldoon Motorcycles we have been selling Kawasaki products for over 21 years. We are a Kawasaki Motorcycle and Premium Ag Dealer.

KMA: What other brands do you sell?

(MMM): Mick Muldoon Motorcycles currently we are working on converting into an Exclusive Kawasaki Dealer, however we still do have some products from competing brands instore.

KMA: What are the operation hours of the business during the COVID-19 situation?

(MMM): Mick Muldoon Motorcycles are still operating all our services & can provide them to you from home. Our opening hours have adjusting slightly to the following:

Monday to Friday 8.30am to 5.30pm

Saturday and Sunday CLOSED

KMA: How is the dealership looking after staff and customers during COVID-19?

(MMM): Mick Muldoon Motorcycles has a high level of care for both employees and customers before and during COVID 19.

  • We provide a work space big enough for the small amount of employees we have to carry out their work safely and efficiently.
  • We have disinfectants and hand sanitiser provided all around the shop floor and work shop; which is beneficial to both employees and customers.
  • We offer contactless transactions and are not encouraging cash payments.
  • In regards to our customers we have signs up and floor symbols to encourage social distancing and only a maximum of 4 people in the shop at one time is allowed.
  • We also are offering FREE home deliveries with 0 contact.

KMA: Does the dealership offer delivery of Parts & Accessories?

(MMM): We care strongly about all our customers safety and well-being we are happy to announce that we are now offering FREE home deliveries to an appropriate radius from our shop !

Call or message us as there’s nothing to small or big we can deliver to you!

We can also supply deliveries to out of town for a small fee 🚚 *T&Cs apply*

KMA: Do you have any special deals in place for customers during COVID-19 operations?

(MMM): Mick Muldoon Motorcycles we have promotions, give-a-ways and special deals running every week to keep spirits lifted in times like these.

Please check out our facebook page MICK MULDOON MOTORCYCLES for updates on all of the above.

KMA: What are the best things about your dealership?

(MMM): The best thing about Mick Muldoon Motorcycles is the reputation that we have upheld over the years. We are a family run business and we strive to never disappoint. We offer a personal service. We have great access to our shop, we have an amazing variety of products with friendly and knowledgeable staff.

Wesbite: https://mick-muldoon-motorcycles.business.site/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/mickmuldoonmotorcycles

Dealership details:

Dealership Name: Mick Muldoon Motorcycles
Dealership Phone Number: 02 6332 1988
Dealership Address: 13 Bradwardine Road, Bathurst NSW 2795
Dealership Sales Email Address: [email protected]

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