The Kawasaki Vulcan is unlike any other cruiser, it is designed to transport riders into a sporty realm in edgy style. Blending an aggressive ride with a vintage styling and a powerful 649cc engine, this bike kicks any experience into high gear. Whether you're commuting to work or enjoying a day trip, the Vulcan S adds confidence-inspiring performance to every ride.

Recently Simon reached out to Kawasaki Australia to share his story and experience of his Kawasaki Vulcan S:

"I bought my Kawasaki Vulcan S SE from a Kawasaki dealership in 2017 in Perth. I primarily chose Kawasaki for a few reasons, as most motorcycles especially learner bikes not many of them are adjustable in terms of the footpegs or the seat and myself being currently 6ft5 it was an easy decision based on fitment alone. The other reason I chose the Vulcan S SE was the fact it was, at the time back in 2017, kind of currently still is the best lams bike to learn to ride on and own. I'm yet to see another lams cruiser bike come in a 650cc engine that's liquid-cooled, has a 6 speed, digital dash and is customizable for any rider from 5ft to over 6 ft to fit comfortably."

"My experience riding the bike has all been great, I mean if it wasn't great I wouldn't still own one after 3 years and with over 107,312 on the clock. I have been all over Western Australian racking up the kilometres through winter when its freezing or in the middle of summer in the heat and time after time it has never failed me or had any major or minor issues to date. The only parts about the Vulcan I changed were the mirrors so i could see behind me, being a taller guy. My riding adjustments included bar-end mirrors, an air seat to increase my riding comfort and changed to Pirelli Angel GTs as they grip the road better and last much much longer, my last rear tyre clocked in at over 16,000km before it hit the wear indicator and my front at over 30,000km."

"Additional changes included saddlebags for long road trips, quad lock on my handlebar for my phone and I'm running an 8000 lumen LED headlight bulb for more visibility. Kawasaki Australia asked if I would recommend the Vulcan S, I haven't stop raving about this bike to family, friends, riding buddies and even the petrol station attendant and I won't stop recommending as my experience has been flawless. The bike runs better than new and I love how it feels, how it rides. My friends also asked if I am going to upgrade to something bigger, but the truth is I don't want to upgrade, I'm perfectly happy with my Vulcan S SE; I ride it every day and wouldn't change it for anything." - Simon.

Kawasaki Australia would like to thank Simon for his review of the Kawasaki Vulcan S and for more information on the Kawasaki Vulcan S click here: https://kawasaki.com.au/shop/motorcycles/cruiser/2021-vulcan-s/

Western Australia has a few Motorcycle clubs which include:

Vulcan Riders Association: http://www.vulcanridersassociationwa.com/

Kawasaki Vulcan S 650 Riders Western Australia: https://www.facebook.com/groups/308810743487165/?ref=share

WALRAS (Western Australian Learner Riders And Shadows): https://www.facebook.com/groups/1449387625335323/?ref=share

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