Having grown up around Kawasaki products, Lyann developed an affinity with the brand early on. She is now a self-proclaimed Kawasaki enthusiast and proud owner of a Kawasaki Ninja 300. Originally purchased from Bikebiz Kawasaki to commute with, Lyann capitalised on the versatility of Australia’s bestselling motorcycle to travel far and wide with every opportunity available to her.

“I’ve always been a fan of Kawasaki motorcycles after owning my very first snowmobile back in Canada which was a Kawasaki. After settling in Australia, my place of work moved and public transport wasn’t available in that particular area so I needed a way of commuting and that is how I got into motorcycling for commuting.”

Lyann describes her beloved Ninja 300 as being superior in the way of comfort and reliability. “I've never had any problem what so ever. It’s always started and got me where I needed to go, even after dropping it a few times. The only modification I’ve made is adding adjustable leavers and a Yoshi exhaust.”

Commuting, weekends rides and an epic trip to Uluru accounted for the impressive amount of kilometres that Lyann and her Ninja 300 have conquered.

“To and from work for me is around 25km a day but I do a lot of riding on weekends. An average weekend trip for me is around 600km a day. I love history so I’ll find an old historic town, ride to that, check it out and come back home. I’ve ridden a lot through Putty Rd, most of the Blue Mountains, down south and beyond.”



Riding for pleasure isn’t Lyann’s only objective, the Sydneyite also racks up numerous kilometres in the name of worthy causes and charities.

“I do a lot of charity rides. The Wall to Wall ride for Police Remembrance took me from Sydney to Canberra recently. I also made it to Uluru with the Black Dog Ride which was definitely my most memorable ride. There was about 400 other riders and my Ninja 300 was the second smallest bike on the trip!” Lyann exclaimed.


Lyann describes reaching 100,000km as a major achievement saying, “It was absolutely amazing. I felt really good about it. I calculated the exact distance I needed to get to a pivotal point around my area. The house behind me in the picture I took at 100,000km was actually the house from A Country Practice which is an icon.”


“Reaching this many kilometres is really exciting. It’s gotten to the point where I want to keep going. It’s a big achievement. Especially when you see older bikes that have travelled less kilometres.”



“I can’t see myself getting another bike at the moment because my Ninja 300 has been so reliable but my dream bike is the new 2016 Ninja ZX-10R. I sat on one at my local Kawasaki dealership, Black Top and Dust Motorcycles (previously Kelen Kawasaki) and it felt amazing even just to sit on!” commented Lyann.

It brings Kawasaki Motors Pty. Ltd. great pleasure and it instills an immense sense of pride to learn of stories such as Lyann’s. We would like to congratulate Lyann on travelling over 100,000km with her Kawasaki Ninja 300.

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