With that in mind, Kawasaki introduced the new 2012 Ninja ZX-14R to Australia’s top and most respected journalists and media at Sydney Dragway at Eastern Creek, Sydney in January 2012.

With the new Ninja ZX-14R’s at the track having absolutely no modifications undertaken, the riders were presented with the motorcycle exactly as customers receive it straight off the dealership floor (except for some run-in kilometers already put on the clock).


The journalists, most of whom had zero or limited drag racing experience immediately felt comfortable on the new Ninja ZX-14R and started clocking quarter mile times in the 10 second bracket right from the get-go.


Once they had a few runs under their belt and learnt the best and most efficient process to get the Ninja down the quarter mile quickly, the times dropped down into the 9 second bracket.


The fact that riders with practically no drag racing experience could clock quarter mile passes in the 9’s on motorcycles with no modifications impressed all in attendance and proved to all not only the incredible power of the Ninja ZX-14R but also showed just how easy it is to ride….fast.


The KTRC (Kawasaki TRaction Control) settings on the new Ninja ZX-14R were also tested extensively on the day as was the ABS braking.


At the end of the day, bragging rights went to the Editor of Australian Motorcycle News (AMCN), Sam Maclachlan, who clocked the fastest pass of the day at 9.950. The highest top speed reached was 149.70 mph by Kawasaki’s Nick Marshall.


At the conclusion of testing, the media were extremely impressed and Kawasaki are overjoyed with the reaction to the all new 2012 Ninja ZX-14R – The world’s most powerful and fastest accelerating motorcycle!

Read the review from Martin Child at Bikesales.com HERE and read about the day in upcoming issues of AMCN, Cycle Torque, Australian Road Rider and Motorcycle Trader.


Stay tuned for the official video of the day coming very soon.


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