Since the first Kawasaki JET SKI slid off the production line 40 years ago, each range focuses on stimulating maximum adrenaline in Australian water thrill seekers. Recognised for its reputation and innovation Kawasaki propels into summer with a new stylised 2019 JET SKI line-up. This line-up features a new colour range and includes JETSOUND Audio - a PWC audio system on the Ultra 310 LX.

The Jet Ski SX-R ignites the fun in true Kawasaki spirit. The SX-R is the only 4-stroke stand-up personal water craft in Australia. In 2019 brandishing the Kawasaki lime green and ebony exterior staying true to the racing heritage. It is ride and race ready, with a Dual Over Head Cam (DOHC) and a fuel injected, 4 stroke, 4 cylinder engine for high top speed and acceleration. The deck is designed for maximum movement with a wide hull, and forward slant positioning. At 225kgs dry weight and 23L capacity, the Jet Ski SX-R is designed for those that truly enjoy the water racing experience at their leisure.

Jet Ski Ultra 310X is one of Kawasaki’s supercharged model, available in 2019 in a striking Sunbeam Red. The Ultra 310X is one of many Kawasaki vehicles build from race technology, using feedback from IJSBA Championship winning machines. The 1,498cm3, in-line 4-cylinder engine is fitted with a TVS Eaton supercharger to achieve an astonishing horsepower. High-flow fuel injectors with 4 orifices are fitted to complement the power output and to improve combustion efficiency. The hull is designed to offer industry’s best in posture stability, and the handlebars are adjustable to suit a diverse range of riders.

Jet Ski ULTRA 310LX brings together the Ultra 310X’s supercharged power with a truly luxurious on board experience. 2019 model includes JETSOUND, the PWC audio system that includes an amplifier, an audio controller built into the handlebars, and two speakers below the mirrors. JETSOUND is compatible with most phones and audio players allowing for an enjoyable on board experience. The Jet Ski seats up to three people in LXuryseat super ergonomic seating and features a front storage compartment to reliably provide a family experience. The colour scheme for 2019 is the distinctive Kawasaki Ebony and Lime Green combination. Like the 310X, the Ultra 310LX is also supercharged. The Jet Ski is also equipped with SLO - a Smart Learning Operation mode which restricts top speed by approximately 30%. This feature makes it the perfect choice for learning riders.

Jet Ski Ultra 310R is the racing edition of the Ultra 310 family. Decked out in Kawasaki Ebony and Lime Green, it borrows its 18 position MX style handlebar and body-active sport seat from racing feedback. The Ultra 310R has a digital LCD interface that displays engine mode and fuel capacity. Equipped with Fuel Economy Assistance Mode, the Jet Ski ECU can activate a leaner fuel map that prioritises economy over performance for stop-start riding. Like the 310LX, the 310R features SLO mode that restricts top speed and allows to focus on maneuvering and safety of operation for novice riders.


The Ultra range also features a non-supercharged, luxury edition branded the Jet Ski Ultra LX. The Ultra LX features the Kawasaki LXuryseat – a scalloped design for prolonged rider comfort. The watercraft also features the best of Kawasaki innovative technology for enhanced rider experience; Splash Deflectors that diverge water ricochet from under the hull and reduce spray, Kawasaki Smart Steering integrated into the intelligent ECU, and SLO mode. Kawasaki Smart Steering is an innovative feature that automatically adjusts engine speed and thrust while cornering to ensure a smooth and controlled turn. The Ultra LX is making its entry in 2019 in an Ebony and Metallic Tungsten Grey colour scheme, this classic combination well reflective of its luxurious build.

Jet Ski STX-15F is the non-supercharged, smooth water specialist of the Kawasaki 2019 line-up. This model is designed to give a non-experienced rider all the advantage to combat the waves, and gain exposure to maneuvering on water. Equipped with Kawasaki Smart Steering, SLO mode and full power mode, the STX-15F also exhibits learner friendly design features. Reversing is made easy in this model with a reverse ‘bucket’ fitted to the steering nozzle that greatly assists low speed maneuvering. The STX-15F is powered by the same 1498cc 4 cylinder, DOHC, fuel injected engine as its Ultra counterparts, making it the ideal choice for wave-riding enthusiasts that truly enjoy Kawasaki’s leading edge. The STX-15F graces 2019 in a Kawasaki Lime Green and Ebony, in all aspects representing Kawasaki technology and diversity under the hull.

The Kawasaki 2019 watercraft line-up brings together a fresh new colour scheme to refined Jet Ski technology that caters to novice and seasoned riders looking to make the most of renowned Australian waters. Head in to your local Jet Ski dealer to get a closer peek, and remember – it’s not a JET SKI if it’s not a Kawasaki.

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