With the grand opening of the Sydney Indoor MX Dome at Eastern Creek being a success, we followed up with Kawasaki’s Lance Russell to ask him about his recent visits and what the MX Dome offers to upcoming riders in Sydney.

“This is exactly what Sydney needed. A world class facility with easy access for everyone. If you didn’t know where to start riding your very first bike, this is 100% your one stop destination to start learning in a fun environment!”

The Sydney Indoor MX Dome is a new facility that makes life easy for riders, parents, friends and relatives to enjoy a day at a motocross track in comfort. The MX Dome roof is inflated, meaning you must enter an airlock to go inside! With vigorous ventilation going in and out of the MX Dome, it creates the perfect all weather environment to ride day and night. The modernised entry-way is also great for spectators. While watching the track through huge two story windows, there are brand new restrooms, seating areas and a coffee shop, creating a great family friendly atmosphere.

“I’ve known the Sydney Indoor MX Dome creators for some years now. The fact that this is a family run business is a huge plus in my books. You can just feel the passion that has gone into this place and I know how hard they have worked to make this a reality. That’s just one of many reasons why I am so proud to support the MX Dome”.

Kawasaki’s Lance Russell has supported the opening of the MX Dome, showing videos on 'How To Make Bookings’ and taking his Kawasaki KX450 onto the track himself.

“The MX Dome literally caters for everyone. The beauty of each group session is you can choose what bike class you are, and what riding level you are. They have made the track itself extremely universal. Junior beginner or senior beginner riders can ride with track with ease, and then a fast junior or fast senior can ride the track at a professional level in their own session, clearing huge jumps and riding at an unbelievable pace.”

The future of the Sydney Indoor MX Dome is bright. Many events will pop up, for example a 'Pit Bike Night’ for seniors/adults riding mini bikes. So make sure you keep an eye out for something that could suit you!

“If you don’t ride anymore, or want to start riding for the first time, this is the perfect opportunity to get your new Kawasaki and ride at the MX Dome! I’ll be there riding multiple times a week. If you need help, guidance or just a familiar face at the MX Dome, just message me on my social media pages!”

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