It is with great pleasure that Kawasaki announces the release of a brand new motorcycle to its comprehensive line-up, the 2011 W800. The new W800 is available now throughout the Australia wide Kawasaki dealer network at the RRP of $11,999 + ORC.

The new 2011 Kawasaki W800 is a true modern classic, featuring the perfect blend of classic appeal, historic roots and vintage ride feel. Visual impact from the striking Vertical Twin engine, classic proportions from a compact frame with large-diameter wheels and meticulous attention to detail give the W800 an authentic quality and classic beauty difficult to find on modern motorcycles.

Painstakingly sculpted forms, an abundance of steel and metal parts, and a liberal use of chrome result in a high quality machine – a worthy addition to a brand that spans 45 years.

The throb of the Vertical Twin engine pumping out loads of torquey feel-good power, the characteristic handling that comes from a sturdy frame with large-diameter wheels, and the throaty roar from twin exhausts were all carefully cultivated to recall the bikes of yesteryear. Modern concessions include fuel injection for clean emissions and enhanced fuel efficiency, a balancer shaft to dampen vibration and hassle-free push-button starting.

Available in Metallic Dark Green, the all new 2011 Kawasaki W800 is now available at your local Kawasaki dealership. To find which dealers have a test unit available, click on the demo unit list icon at www.kawasaki.com.au.

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