Using the most up to date Dynojet 250i in their purpose built facility, Crazy Dogs Kawasaki carry out all types of engine tuning for road or race applications.

Crazy Dogs Kawasaki Dealer Principal, Rich Baker explains “We combine the very latest tuning link software. Our fully trained and certified technicians can supply and install a Power Commander or Jet kit for any bike, accurately setting up the fuelling and ignition to achieve optimum performance.”

One of Australia's fastest juniot motocross riders, Hunter Lawrence, who is the current Australian & New Zealand 65cc Champion gets his KX motorcycles dynoed at Crazy Dogs Kawasaki.

Hunter’s dad Darren Lawrence explains, “Hunter's bikes always have a useable power curve that can be utilised on the track to help improve lap times and safety and smoothness for his riding. Since Crazy Dogs Dyno has been available to us we have found that a lot of the aftermarket parts that are there for so called 'horsepower' gains have actually resulted in the opposite effect. So essentially you will save a lot of time and money going to the experts at Crazy Dogs.”

To ask about Crazy Dog Kawasaki's package deals or to book, phone Richard today on 07 3888 3188 or visit their website at http://www.crazydogs.com.au

Hunter Lawrence in action

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