Get to know a Kawasaki Dealer

In Bunbury, Western Australia, you will find top performing Kawasaki dealership, Bunbury City Motorcycles.

The impact of the global pandemic has been particularly heavy on local Australian business. Kawasaki Motors Australia (KMA) reached out talked with Andrew and the team at Bunbury City Motorcycles (BCM) to get to know them more, help spread the word about their great dealership, and to see how they are tackling the pandemic.

KMA: How long has your dealership been selling Kawasaki products?

(BCM): Bunbury City Motorcycles have been a leading Kawasaki for just over 3 years.

KMA: What other brands do you sell?

(BCM): Bunbury City Motorcycles also sell a select range of competing motorcycles and agricultural products and C-DAX Spray equipment.

KMA: What are the operation hours of the business during the COVID-19 situation?

(BCM): Bunbury City Motorcycles opening hours are currently:

Monday - Friday 8:00am - 5:00pm

Saturdays -  8:00 am- 12:00pm

Closed Sunday.

KMA: How is the dealership looking after staff and customers during COVID-19?

(BCM): Bunbury City Motorcycles have been practicing social distancing whilst also implementing.

  • Hand sanitiser available
  • Contactless transactions

KMA: Does the dealership offer delivery of Parts & Accessories?

(BCM): Delivery available for our parts and accessories.

KMA: Do you have any special deals in place for customers during COVID-19 operations?

(BCM): Bunbury City Motorcycles run all of Kawasaki promotions and also include

  • In-store sales specials
  • Customer loyalty given up-to 10% discount on parts and accessories

KMA: What are the best things about your dealership?

(BCM): Bunbury City Motorcycles is the South West’s first choice for new and used Motorcycles and ATVs – we are one of the biggest all terrain vehicle dealers in WA. Why shop around when you can compare different brands under the one roof?

Our huge Bunbury showroom has everything for the racer, rider, farmer, and off-road enthusiast, including a full range of Motorcycles, ATVs, C-Dax Agricultural Equipment, Parts, Clothing, and Accessories. We also have a fully equipped workshop for Motorcycle, ATV, and C-Dax Equipment Repairs.

Website: https://www.bunburycitymotorcycles.com.au/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BunburyCityMC

Dealership details:

Dealership Name: Bunbury City Motorcycles
Dealership Phone Number: 08 9721 6488
Dealership Address: 14 Stuart Street, Bunbury WA 6230
Dealership Sales Email Address: [email protected]


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