Get to know a Kawasaki Dealer

In Islington, NSW, you will see a leading Kawasaki dealership, Brisan Motorcycle.

The global pandemic impacted many businesses around Australia. Kawasaki Motors Australia (KMA) talked with Clint and the team at Brisan Motorcycle (BM) to get to know them better, help spread the word about their great dealership, and to see how they are tackling the pandemic.

KMA: How long has your dealership been selling Kawasaki products?

(BM): Here Brisan Motorcycles we have been selling Kawasaki for over four years now.

KMA: What other brands do you sell?

(BM): Brisan Motorcycles represents 13 brands in the Newcastle area across all types of motorcycles and scooters, along with all-terrain and off-road vehicles.

KMA: What are the operation hours of the business during the COVID-19 situation?

(BM): Brisan Motorcycles are still operating all our services & can provide them to you from home. Trading hours in place throughout COVID-19 go largely unchanged:

Monday - Friday: 8:30am - 4:30pm

Saturday: 8:30am - 4:00pm

Please note the Service Centre's hours has slightly changed, now closed Saturdays for the time being.

KMA: How is the dealership looking after staff and customers during COVID-19?

(BM): Brisan Motorcycles enacted a Hygiene Action Plan in March, taking on hygiene recommendations from NSW Health  and Social Distancing guides in the workplace from the Department of Health.

  • Sanitiser is available at customer entrances.
  • Signage is also displayed at these points with information to customers in regards to hygiene, health and safety.

KMA: Does the dealership offer delivery of Parts & Accessories?

(BM): Brisan Motorcycle have delivery options available, be sure contact us via any one of our channels.

KMA: Do you have any special deals in place for customers during COVID-19 operations?

(BM): Brisan Motorcycles always willing to do a deal where possible! A very strong Kawasaki promotion at the moment, along with other manufacturer promotions and floor stock deals on new and used bikes and some strong offers on parts and accessories.

KMA: What are the best things about your dealership?

(BM): Brisan Motorcycles is the largest dealership in the area with an unmatched range of new and used bikes and vehicles, along with a comprehensive range of genuine parts, accessories and clothing.

The Service Centre and Motorcycle Workshop features the best technology available including all manufacturers specialised tools and computerised diagnostic machines. Our experienced factory trained motorcycle technicians will ensure the best outcome for each motorcycle and customer by providing dedicated reliable service.

Brisan's offers dyno-tuning with Mick Clarke as our Dyno Extraordinaire! Mick is Newcastle’s longest standing dyno man who became a master of fuel injection back in the 80s! Mick is certified in Dyno Jet Power Commander and Vision Technology, is an expert of Thundermax fuel injection and SS injection models and has trained with Daytona Twin Tech for Harley riders.

Mick has performed over 24,000 Dyno Runs in his time! This equates to over 3 MILLION MEASURED HORSEPOWER. As a family-owned business, Brisans has satisfied over 100,000 motorcycle riders, lovers and enthusiasts for over 30 years across Australia. We look forward to welcoming you to our dealership where we share a valued ethic to simply live, laugh and ride.

Website: https://www.brisans.com.au/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MotorcycleShowroom/

Instagram account name: https://www.instagram.com/brisanmotorcycles/?hl=en

YouTube Channel address: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCngTzs2tlyXsEyX6kjIfKWg

Dealership details:

Dealership Name: Brisan Motorcycles
Dealership Phone Number: 02 4940 8777
Dealership Address: 250 Maitland Rd Islington, New South Wales 2296 Australia
Dealership Sales Email Address: [email protected]

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