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Before contacting Kawasaki Australia we encourage you to either refer to the Frequently Asked Questions or contact a Kawasaki dealer directly.  Should neither of these be of assistance, please use the enquiry form below.
Company History



Q. When did Kawasaki start and by whom?

Kawasaki started when Shozo Kawasaki established a shipyard in Tsukiji, Tokyo, Japan in 1878. Three years later, he launched a shipyard in Kobe. In 1886, he moved these two shipyards to the present location of Kawasaki’s Kobe Works, and established the Kawasaki Dockyard Co., Ltd in 1896. In 1912, Shozo Kawasaki passed away at his home in Kobe at the age of 76.

Q. Do Kawasaki manufacture anything else besides Motorcycles, ATV’s, Recreational Utility Vehicles, Jet Ski’s and Power Products?  

Yes! Kawasaki is involved in so much more than what you see at your local Kawasaki Dealership. Kawasaki started out as a ship building company and continues to build ships to this day. Kawasaki also manufacture Shinkansen (Bullet Trains), subway cars that are used all over the world including New York’s subway, airplanes, helicopters, aircraft engines, spacecraft, heavy machinery including excavators and mining vehicles…even robots and bridges.

Kawasaki Dealers

Q. How do I find my nearest Kawasaki Dealership?  

In order to find your nearest authorised Kawasaki dealership, simply CLICK HERE then enter your postcode. This will advise you of all the local dealers & their address’s and contact details closest to the postcode information you provided.


Q. How do I find out the price of any Kawasaki Model or Product?  

You can find out the price of any Kawasaki Model or Product by contacting your local Kawasaki Dealer.

Pricing shown on the website is subject to change. Confirm with your local Kawasaki dealership. E&OE


Q. Can I purchase genuine Kawasaki parts direct from Kawasaki Motors?

No. Only authorised Kawasaki Dealerships sell Kawasaki products including genuine spare parts and accessories.

Q. How can I be sure I will get the correct genuine parts for my Kawasaki when I order them?  

Always provide the VIN, engine or serial number of your Kawasaki to ensure correct parts are ordered.

Q. Can I download online a service manual or owners handbook for my Kawasaki?  

No, but genuine service manual or owners manual are available as a part for most models through all authorised Kawasaki dealerships.

Q. I’ve lost my key! What do I do?  

If you’ve lost your key, contact your local Kawasaki Dealership with your key number and proof of ownership to order a new key. If you do not know your key number, still contact your local Kawasaki Dealership as many key numbers are recorded and filed. You will still need to provide proof of ownership.

Q. What should I do if I receive a letter in the mail advising me that my Kawasaki is involved in a recall?  

Contact your preferred authorised Kawasaki dealer.

Q. If I read on an internet forum or hear from some other source that my model Kawasaki is involved in a recall in another country what should I do?

Not all recalls that are listed in other countries affect Australian Models. Kawasaki Motors notifies all Kawasaki owners by mail if a recall affects their particular unit. If you are still unsure please contact your preferred authorised Kawasaki Dealership.

Q. I have received more than one reminder letter from Kawasaki Motors that my Kawasaki is involved in a recall but I have had the recall completed. What should I do?

Place a cross in the check box “THIS UNIT HAS BEEN MODIFIED” on the recall reminder letter that you received and note the dealers details in the area provided. Place the letter in the self addressed stamped envelope provided and post it back to us. We will take care of the rest for you.

Q. I have received more than one reminder letter from Kawasaki Motors that my Kawasaki is involved in a recall but I have now sold it to someone else. What should I do?  

Place a cross in the check box “I HAVE DISPOSED OF THIS UNIT” on the recall reminder letter that you received and note the new owners details in the area provided. Place the letter in the self addressed stamped envelope provided and post it back to us. We will take care of the rest for you.


Q.) Can I contact Kawasaki Motors directly for any warranty issues?  

All recall and warranty issues must be dealt with by an authorised Kawasaki Dealership.

Q. Will my warranty be affected if the periodic service is done by a non - Kawasaki Dealer?  

Not necessarily, the manufacturer’s warranty protects owners against any manufacturing defects in the materials or workmanship of the product from the factory. However, Kawasaki owners must be aware that any defect that has been determined by an authorised dealership to have occurred as a direct result of poor workmanship or the lack of scheduled or preventative maintenance, is not the responsibility of the manufacturer. We strongly recommend the use of authorised Kawasaki Dealerships as their staff are Kawasaki trained professionals, they have the necessary special tools and up to date technical information and factory support available.

Q. Will the fitting of additional accessories (genuine or non genuine) to my motorcycle, affect the warranty?  

No necessarily, however owners should be aware that any modification away from standard may affect the performance and/or durability of the vehicle. Also, failure or damage caused as a direct result of an accessory or the fitting of, are not determined to be a manufactured defect and as such are not covered by the manufacturer’s warranty policy.

Q. What are the Kawasaki Manufacturer's Product Warranty Periods?



STREETZX, ZG, ZR, EX, ER, BR, VN prefix modelsALL24 months
DUAL PURPOSEKL, KLX, KLE prefix modelsALL24 months

KLX models


Under 250cc


6 months

6 months

ENDURO 4-STROKEKLX450A450cc3 months parts only
AGRICULTURALKL250J250cc12 months
SPECIAL PURPOSE - COMPETITIONKXALLExcluded from Manufacturer's Warranty




 KRX1000cc6 months


JET SKIALL MODELSALL12 months recreational use
 SELECT MODELSSELECT MODELS60 months recreational use
Break in Procedure

The new break-in procedure will be applied to all road registerable motorcycles even though the current owner manuals may advise differently. The Break In procedure description in the owner manuals will be renewed from MY 2019 onwards.

New Break in Procedure

The Break In procedure differs according to the engine displacement as follows.

Maximum engine revolutions

Travelled distance

(Equal to, or less than 399cc)

Travelled distance

(Equal to, or more than 400cc)

Ride moderately350~1000km
  • You can ride above the maximum engine revolution stated in the break-in table briefly if necessary.  Brief periods above the listed engine speed will not affect break-in results.
Q. Can I run my Kawasaki Motorcycle, ATV, UV, PWC, RUV or Power Products on Ethanol Blended Fuels?

Fuel recommendations for Kawasaki vehicles can be found in the “General Information” section of the vehicles Kawasaki owner’s manual. If you need further information about the use of ethanol blended fuels in your Kawasaki vehicle, please refer to the Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries (FCAI) website www.fcai.com.au & follow the links to the information regarding ethanol for further information with regards to running Kawasaki engines on fuel blended with ethanol.

Fuel and Oil

Q. Will I cause any damage to my motorcycle if premium unleaded or high-energy fuels are used?

No. However, if you encounter any running problems as a result of using such fuels change back to the fuel that is recommended in your Kawasaki Owner’s Handbook. With any fuel, ensure you obtain it from a reliable source, and that the fuel used is always fresh and not contaminated. Stale or contaminated fuel may result in a damaged engine.

Q. Do I have to use genuine Kawasaki brand oil to protect my warranty?

No. Correct operation of the unit is obtained by using the correct type and grade of oil, as specified in your Kawasaki owner’s manual. We recommend genuine Kawasaki oil because we know it has been extensively tested by the manufacturer on Kawasaki vehicles and trust its quality and performance.

Q. Will the engine in my four-stroke motorcycle burn oil as part of normal operation?  

Yes. The amount will vary depending on the type of oil used, and the riding conditions. Engine oil consumption will be higher for high-speed highway riding compared to city commuting. The oil consumption considered to be acceptable by the manufacturer may differ from the expectations of the user.



Q. Where can I find paint to match the colour of my motorcycle? I wish to touch up some minor scratches?  

The paint codes used by Kawasaki are unique as new genuine Kawasaki panels are already painted. The paint codes used by automotive paint suppliers are not relevant. As such, most automotive paint suppliers may have difficulty to recognise the Kawasaki paint codes. Please contact your preferred authorised Kawasaki dealership for information relating to paint codes as they are the people best suited to assist you.


Motorcycle/ ATV/UV/RUV/Jet Ski Year Model Identification

Q. How can I correctly identify the year my Motorcycle/ATV/UV/RUV was manufactured?  

Character 10 of your 17 digit VIN number designates the model year of the vehicle as follows.




Q. How can I correctly identify the year model of my Jet Ski?  

The last 2 digits of your Jet Ski’s HIN number indicates the month and year of manufacture.  Example HIN number: US-KAW12345A908 = 2008


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