2017 1400GTR

Transcontinental Supersport

The ultimate touring motorcycle - 1400GTR

Delivering both awesome supersport performance and comfortable long-distance touring potential, the 2017 1400GTR stands apart from its rivals. Building on the continent-crossing performance of it predecessor, the 2017 model with high comfort as well as a refined engine and chassis for excellent riding performance.

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Filled with Standard Features

Traction Control, ABS, Tyre Pressure Sensors, Grip Warmers, Center Stand, Panniers, Keyless Ignitions, Remote Pre-load adjuster and Electrically Adjustable Windscreen are all a part of the standard features on the 2017 1400GTR.

Kawasaki Traction Control

The 1400GTR features KTRC, Kawasaki's traction control system, giving riders the piece of mind to negotiate slippery surfaces with confidence. The system looks for difference in front and rear wheel speed. When rear wheel spin is detected, engine output is controlled to allow the rear wheel to regain grip.

Tetra-Lever Suspension

The Tetra-Lever rear suspension is supported at four points on the left and right side and mounts to Kawasaki’s unique Uni-Trak suspension system. This system almost completely eliminates the up/down movement associated with shaft drives during acceleration and deceleration, resulting in a very natural ride feel.

Variable Valve Timing

A first in the touring category, variable valve timing alters the camshaft timing in response to rpm and throttle position. The result is high torque output in the low and medium rpm ranges and awesome high-rpm power at the top end. Combustion efficiency is also improved, contributing to enhanced fuel efficiency.

Shaft Drive

A two-point jointed shaft is used, ensuring smooth power delivery to the road surface, and delivering a ride quality and chassis behaviour very natural in feel and similar to chain drive, with the added benefits of the very direct “shaft drive feel”.

KI-PASS Keyless Ignition

KIPASS (Kawasaki’s Intelligent Proximity Activation Start System) is a master key system that allows remote activation of the bike’s main switch. The 1400GTR implemented the first application of an electronic authorisation system to a touring machine and greatly enhances rider convenience as well as security, thanks to the incorporation of an ignition immobiliser.

Tyre Pressure Sensor

Fitted as standard equipment (an industry first), tyre pressure sensors warn the rider of tyre pressure irregularities and allows the rider to monitor tyre pressure while underway. When tyre pressure falls below 220 kPa, a low pressure warning is displayed on the instrument panel. The ability to take into account temperature changes and display values recalculated for 20°C helps prevent false warnings when the air expands as the tyres warm up.

Generous Wind Protection

The 1400GTR ABS comes equipped with an electrically adjustable windscreen as standard. The windscreen’s height allows air passing over the top of the screen to flow smoothly around the rider’s helmet. The wide top portion of the screen results in less wind striking the rider’s shoulders and upper arms. There are also four preset positions from which the rider can choose. New vent added to reduce buffetting.

Windscreen Vent

A vent added to the electronically adjustable windscreen reduces load on the rider by letting external air enter the cockpit area. With the vent open, the negative-pressure effect in the cockpit is reduced. This means there less chance of the rider being pulled forward at high speed.

12 Volt DC Accessory Outlet

All purpose DC socket makes it easy to use electrical accessories.

Easy to adjust headlights when loaded.

Grip Warmers

Stepless adjustable grip warmers are fitted standard the switch is located close to the rider for easy access.

Increased Comfort

Redesigned seat offers increased comfort for both rider and passenger. The rider portion is narrower at the front, making it easier to reach the ground, and a flatter seat area offers increased comfort. Double-stitch finish on key areas contributes to a high-quality image. Tandem footpegs with rubber pads offer better vibration absorption for increased passenger comfort.

Increased Passenger Comfort

The passenger portion of the seat is longer, with a flatter seat area.  This makes it easier for passengers to adjust their position, they are less likely to slide forward, and comfort is increased. Slip-resistant seat cover material also adds to increased comfort.

Spacious Panniers

The large-volume panniers are integrally designed to complement the GTR’s overall styling package. The cases are easily detachable. Water-resistant, they easily hold a full-face helmet.

Spacious Color Coded Panniers

The cases are mounted as close as possible to the bike’s centreline and the bike’s centre of gravity. Their lightweight construction was designed to minimise their influence on the bike’s centre of mass. Maximum capacity for each pannier is 10 kg.

Quality Touches

Pressed stainless steel rings for the speedometer and tachometer dials add a higher-quality image to the cockpit. Smoke-coloured brake and clutch reservoirs contribute to a higher-quality image. Larger exhaust heat guard offers increased protection for the rider’s leg/foot while creating a more integrated design with the silencer cover. Previously available as an accessory, a resin tank pad is now fit standard.  The tank pad helps prevent wear and damage to the tank.


K-ACT ABS settings reduce the linked braking effect on the front brake when the rear brake is applied. This allows a more natural brake feeling for low-speed manoeuvres like U-turns. An upgrade to the latest-model ABS unit offers an even more compact size, as well as more precise control, which contributes to improved K-ACT ABS input character.

Large Rear Petal Disc

Because touring riders tend to rely more heavily on the rear brake, the GTR is fitted with a 270 mm rear disc (20 mm larger than that of the ZX-14).  Large brake pedal surface area eases operation. Like the front brakes, a petal disc is used at the rear. It is operated by an opposed 2-piston caliper.

Supersport Braking Performance

Like a supersport bike, the GTR uses a radial-pump master cylinder and radial-mount, opposed 4-piston calipers gripping semi-floating  310 mm petal discs. Braking performance is simply outstanding. Because touring riders tend to rely more heavily on the rear brake, the GTR is fitted with a 270 mm rear disc (20 mm larger than that of the ZX-14).  Large brake pedal surface area eases operation. Like the front brakes, a petal disc is used at the rear.  It is operated by an opposed 2-piston caliper. Smoke-coloured brake and clutch reservoirs contribute to a higher-quality image.

Lockable Storage Case

The handy storage is on the left side, this allows access if a tank bag is being used. Volume is 0.9 litres, but a deeper shape increases usefulness: there is plenty of room for small items like sunglasses, mobile phone, media player, etc. Electromagnetic lock prevents unauthorised entry when the main key is OFF. The storage case can be accessed by the push of a button when the power is ON.
The storage case also locks automatically at speeds over 40 km/h.  (The lock is released under 3 km/h.)

Optional Touring Seat

The rider portion features a 10 mm thicker, low-rebound layer on the accessory Touring Seat. This improves long-distance comfort. The passenger portion is longer, wider and flatter than the standard seat, making it much easier for the passenger to adjust position. The seat cover material used on the accessory touring seat resists heat gain; the seat is significantly cooler than the standard seat after sitting in the sun.

Other accessories include: side spoilers, tank bag, knee pads, pannier protection kit - talk to your Kawasaki dealership.

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