Determined to really know the product that he sells, Evan Byles entered his KLX150L into the 6 hour reliability trial to judge just how good the new model is for himself.  With no modifications undertaken to his KLX150L outside of the addition of a more aggressive front tyre and a mandatory bar-pad, the bike never missed a beat the entire 6 hours and even carried Evan to a respectable 78th place finish out of almost 150 entrants on board predominantly enduro/race machinery.

Evan Byles even finished 10th outright in his 0-270cc 4 Stroke Clubman class.

In his own words, Evan Byles say's, "Like any race or trial I enter I went into this event both optimistic and with enthusiasm and the KLX150L didn't let me down. The model absolutely met my expectations. To be honest this models design brief is aimed more towards commuting and trail riding, I don't think it was ever designed to win a gruelling 6 hour trial so I was really surprised at just how well it performed and how impressively capable it was."


"While other bikes were suffering from diminished power because of clogged or dirty air filters, the KLX150L motored on by quietly and didn't miss a beat without a single air filter change. To be honest the bike was as good at the end of the race as it was when it started, and I'm not a little guy, it had to carry my more than 6ft frame around and it did so comfortably and easily."

"I entered the KLX150L into this 6 hour reliability trial to judge the new model for myself and my analysis is that this bike is a very faithful, capable and safe motorcycle."


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