The machine specific class rules play to the strengths of the Kawasaki Ninja 300 and allow sensible upgrades to make the most of the bikes performance and handling on track to give competitors an exciting machine to race on for a very affordable budget.

There will not only will be an outright Cup championship but a separately point scored Ladies Cup championship and a U21 Cup championship to cater for everyone.

Kawasaki Australia National Sales & Marketing Manager, Robert Walker commented; “Kawasaki is very excited about the inclusion of the Kawasaki Insurances FX 300 Ninja Cup in the 2014 Australasian Superbike Championship. To have a dedicated racing class for Australia’s most popular and highest selling motorcycle is welcomed by us and we anticipate that it will be well received by Australian motorsports fans too."

"This class will allow racers to compete in what will be a hotly contested class on a budget that will make racing very accessible to all. The Kawasaki Insurances FX 300 Ninja Cup will allow young (& older) riders to gain valuable racing experience and have massive fun at the same time. I look forward to watching some edge of the seat racing in the 2014 Australasian Superbike Championship's Kawasaki Insurances FX 300 Ninja Cup in 2014 and beyond.”

Terry O’Neill the managing director of the Australasian Superbike Championship said; “This new class will be attractive to plenty of existing racers and also doubles as an excellent entry level class. It will not only reinvigorate but redefine road racing in Australia which is long overdue. Road racing used to be much stronger and the talent pool much deeper when the original 2-stroke 250 Proddy class was going strong. When that died so did a big part of how the sport attracted young riders because there was no true entry level class. The Kawasaki Insurances FX 300 Ninja Cup class is what is needed to get the sport up and moving again and hats off to Kawasaki for recognizing what was required and supporting this going forward.”

All bikes in the FX 300 Ninja Cup will need to be factory ADR complied with Australian VIN numbers, however either new or second-hand machines are eligible to be used providing they have a factory fitted ADR compliance plate.

Kawasaki Motors Australia will shortly announce a prize pool for the series which will add even further incentive to be involved in Australia’s next big road racing class.

The FX 300 Ninja Cup will compete at all six rounds of the 2014 Australasian Superbike Championship in its own stand alone nationally televised races. The format for the rounds will be the same as in 2013 with six races over the two days of each meeting.

For further information please contact Terry O’Neill on 0248 235 711 in business hours or by email at [email protected]

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