PD Allan and Lachlan Allan of the Kawasaki Castrol Racing Team jumped onto their Kawasaki KX250 for Round 7 of the Australia Off-Road Championship.  Kawasaki caught up with the riders to chat about the Broken Hill round.

PD Allan - E1 Class - 5th place

  • Arrived on Friday to dust storms everywhere so knew when we got to the track it would be a new experience. We arrived at the track on Saturday to sign-on and to do our prologue to find out our start positions. Exciting but scary as the dust was going to be thick and this was our very first Dessert Race we have done. Prologue put me in 28th position then watched the juniors ride the track. Very dusty. The senior riders were allowed to ride and sight our track for the next day. It would be 38 km loop. On sighting the track it was going to be a big challenge as it was extremely dusty and very rough and realised their would not be anywhere we could pass easily on this track.
  • Sunday the day of the race. We had water trucks on the track as there had been no rain to at least eliminate some of the dust. That lasted 1 lap. It was a great experience and I finished in 5th place for E1 class so I was extremely happy with my results for the day.


Lachlan Allan - EJ Class - 6th place

  • We arrived Friday Morning and set up the Kawasaki tents.  With excessive winds and a sand storm happening i knew Sunday's race was going to be a challenge.
  • On Saturday I completed the prologue so I could be seated for the Start Line. I managed to finish 32nd with a crash. I also completed a viewing lap of the Race track Saturday afternoon and found the track, challenging and dusty.  The loop was 38 km long.
  • Sunday morning came and we arrived at the track at 7.30 for a 9am start. The water track had been doing some laps of the start to keep the dust down for the first lap. I started the race off and felt great on the track. I had a clutch issue 3 laps into the 4 hour cross country but managed to get it sorted pretty quick and race back to finish 6th in the Enduro Junior class.
  • I enjoyed the weekend down at broken hill and I am looking forward to the next Dessert Race in 2019

Kawasaki Castrol Racing ride Kawasaki KX250 motorcycles and are supported by Kawasaki Motors Australia and Gympie Motorcycles

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