Pro riders like Villopoto have an endless supply of the latest and greatest parts and accessories on hand to modify their race bikes for their size and skill level. Non professional riders haven’t always had that luxury….until now.

KX450F rear suspension link arm

For the all new 2012 KX450F, Kawasaki have mass produced and made available to the public an optional rear suspension link arm that, when fitted, lowers the KX450F by 6mm making it a more viable option for shorter riders or those who prefer a lower ride height.

Adjustable handlebar positions and footpegs

With so may personal modifications available on the 2012 KX450F like 4 way adjustable handlebars mounts, adjustable foot pegs, three different EFI couplers offering different power delivery characteristics and an optional rear suspension link arm, racers can now easily modify their KX450F  to suit their size, riding style and track conditions… like Ryan Villopoto.

2012 KX450F

Have the edge. Ride an MX bike tailored for you! See the 2012 Kawasaki KX450F at your local Kawasaki dealership. The optional rear suspension link arm is also available at Kawasaki dealerships at the RRP of $130 (not including bearings and seals).

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