21st January 2016, Sepang International Circuit is the hot and sticky grounds for the World Press Introduction of the Ninja ZX-10R.  Australia held it's own media and dealer launch in November 2015 for the new Ninja ZX-10R, followed by a Kawasaki Team Green Australia Track Ride Day with test sessions.

The rest of the world's motorcycle press also needed the opportunity to ride the 2016 Ninja ZX-10R and Sepang Circuit is a great venue for this epic day.  Kawasaki Australia were there to take you behind the scenes to see how the day unfolded.

The day started with a 7.00am collection from the hotel.  Journalists and Kawasaki staff from France, Poland, China, Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg all loaded luggage onto the bus, clambered into our seats and the crew set off for the track.  This is our group for the day.  The world presss event has been held across five days with different countries riding the bike every day.The bus arrives at the track and everyone is ushered into the change room to drop off gear and then guided through the walkwayr of Sepang into pit lane.  The pit lane and main straight are adorned with Kawasaki banners, Kawasaki flags and the banner across pit lane inviting you to "Get Closer" dominates the eye line of the main straight.

get closer

The Ninja ZX-10R experience starts in the media garage. The walls are lined with Kawasaki Ninja ZX-10R imagery and the hosts from Kawasaki Motors Europe are ready to present this bike to the world. Martin Lambert - Press & PR Manager for Kawasaki Motors Europe starts our discovery with a dynamic presentation of the new motorcycle and the key features.

We are already quite pumped about the day and the bike, but the information keeps coming as we welcome to the stage area Jonathan Rea and the Kawasaki Racing Team Crew Chief, Pere Riba. The Kawasaki Racing Team was heavily involved in the development and refinement of this motorcycle.  Kawasaki Heavy Industries and the Championship winning Kawasaki Racing Team have worked together to bring us the enhanced experience that is the Pure Superbike - Ninja ZX-10R.

jonathan rea

The abilities of the bike and the performance requirements for racing at the top level are discussed by these members of the Superbike World Championship team. A lot of information has already convinced the attendees they are about to ride the best bike ever; and it is only 8.30am. The next presenter is the Ninja ZX-10R Development Project Leader - Yoshimoto Matsuda. This is all the good insider information about how the bike evolved and why each element was developed.

Rider's briefing and it is finally time gear up and ride!

let's ride

The first session the bikes are running treaded tyres and ABS.  This is a great introduction to an amazing bike around a beautiful track. Through the day there are a total of six test sessions.  Five of the sessions are on non-ABS bikes with slick tyres to suit the track.


The limited production Winter Edition livery has been set-up with the Kawasaki race kit.  Now we get to play with quickshift both up and down through the gears. The race kit provides another level to this motorcycle and the riders are feeling even more confident on the Ninja ZX-10R.

winter edition

The lunch break takes us above the pits into the cool air conditioning.  The temperature has reached over 40° in the pit area with a comfortable 55% humidity; reasonably mild for Malaysia this time of year. The riding and talking with the Kawasaki Racing Team riders, the development riders, the team mechanics and the Ninja ZX-10R development team continues through the afternoon.


5.00pm comes around too quickly and it is time to grab a cool shower and get back on the bus to our accommodation.  Days like this do not come around very often.  The chance to be at an international circuit with a championship winning bike and surrounded by the team that developed the Ninja ZX-10R. The future for Kawasaki superbikes is looking very bright with champion riders, a manufacturer's title and a R&D team wokring with an obvious and absolute passion.

first session

To read more about the 2016 Ninja ZX-10R read through the model page:

2016 Ninja ZX-10R ABS KRT

Thanks to the team at Kawasaki Motors Europe for hosting a fantastic Kawasaki Ninja ZX-10R World press Launch.

The final words from KHI Project Leader, Matsuda-san:

  • “A fast bike on track is an easy bike to ride”
  • “The new Ninja ZX-10R will excite our customers on the street too”


2016 Ninja ZX-10R 40RGRYDRF2CG C

The 2016 Ninja ZX-10R is available at your local Kawasaki Dealership now:

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