Kawasaki caught up with Supported Rider Lance Russel to see what he thinks of his 2019 KX450.

“This bike is a dream to ride! The first thing I noticed was the handling, especially in the air. I can’t put my finger on why, but the bike just does what you tell it to do. Its turning is extremely responsive and I feel like I have so much control. The electric start has been a godsend on these 40 degree days too! The hydraulic clutch feels amazing too” Lance said.

“I’ve made some small modifications to the bike to suit Freestyle Motocross. I’ve lowered the seat foam, which lets me get my feet over the bike for particular tricks and lowers my centre of gravity. I’ve also had the help of Factory Spec Suspension to adjust the Forks and Rear Shock (to a very firm setting) to suit the extra large jumps. Other than that, I leave the bike completely stock”

“Overall, I am so impressed with the 2019 KX450, I look forward to a huge season on this bike!”

Lance is looking forward to putting more time on the bike and loving every moment of it, be sure to follow Lance on his Instagram @lancerussell15.


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