Kawasaki Motors Australia ambassador Jamie Baker (JBStunts) has been a supported rider for over 5 years and is one of the best know stunt riders in Australia. Kawasaki Australia recently caught up with Jamie to extend their partnership and see what plans Jamie has for 2021. Jamie Baker riders a Ninja ZX-6R, Z900RS Cafe and Z125Pro.

Q: What are your plans for 2021 – YouTube channel, any competitions, display performances coming up?

JB: Everything at this stage is going towards Czech Stunt Days (CSD) 2021 the motivation levels are up for that event especially with the new bike that is stationed over in the Czech Republic now!! I am also going to be shifting the focus onto more YouTube based content for the 2021 season going over the everyday aspects of my life, my riding and the most important thing the bikes plus some Kawasaki Jet Ski's and one very high powered go kart, so yeah, it's going to be fun!!

Q: What is your favourite move and/or trick?

JB: At the moment my favourite trick is the hyper spin, I have been putting a lot of work into that to try and really build the speed and technique up but with the more aggressive tricks comes added dangers.

Q: What move and/or tricks are you working on?

JB: I'm currently working on two tricks "Podium Circles" and "The Superman/Hyper Jump" they are two tricks that have always had the WOW!! factor for me so if I can knock them out by CSD 2021 correctly and comfortably that will be a massive goal achieved for my 2021 season.

Q: How many years have you been doing stunt riding?

JB: I started this crazy ride back in June 2011 and I still can't believe how far everything has come.

Q: Why do you do it?

JB: It's my life!! I couldn't imagine not riding or even being around motorcycles.

Thank you to the team at Kawasaki Motors Australia for giving me the opportunity to continue to represent the KMA team not only here in Australia but also on the world stage!!

A huge thank you to all of my sponsors: RideRich Clothing, SC Project exhaust systems, K&N filters Australia, Shinko tyres, Limbo gym, XK Glow, Core Moto performance brake lines, RSC, LS Designs, Zero Gravity Racing, Kinugawa Turbo Systems, BeStunt, Hoey Suspension services, Edwardstown Powdercoaters.

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