Owning a new Kawasaki is always exciting, this was defiantly no exception for Gipp!

Gipp has been riding bikes for over 13 years, initially starting on a sport bike then moved on to a 250cc cruiser, but she felt it was time to try out something a bit more powerful. Whilst having lunch with her friends in Merrysville Vic, Gipp saw a stranger arrive on a Kawasaki Vulcan S and asked to sit on it. She liked it so much she went and test rode the Vulcan and that was all she needed.

Gipp ventured down to her local Kawasaki dealer, Powersports Kawasaki in Victoria and spoke to Paul and talked through the options available, for her first new bike! Gipp is now a proud owner of a Kawasaki Vulcan S Cafe 'kitting' it out with panniers and loving it!

Welcome to Kawasaki Team Green Gipp!

Have you been looking for your first bike? Been thinking about the Kawasaki Vulcan S? Find your Ergo-Fit at your local Kawasaki Dealer today!

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