2016 Z800 ABS

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Z800 Unleashed

More than 40 years after the birth of the original Z, the 2016 Z800 ABS carries on the spirit, and takes the design in an aggressive, modern direction. Designers were given free rein on the Z800 ABS to pursue a vivid expression of the Z brand for the mid-size class. Engineers were equally unconstrained when it came to engine and chassis design; a punchy inline four cylinder engine and sharp handling chassis, the 2016 Z800 offers an exciting and expressive choice of ride that makes other options seem pale in comparison.

Given the freedom to create an unrestrained design for the Z800, designers pursued a much more aggressive and visceral appearance. The 2015 Z800 exudes a palpable presence – less a machine and more a living, breathing entity. Numerous street-fighter touches contribute to the more aggressive package.

806cm3 liquid-cooled, 4 Stoke In-line Four tuned for strong low-mid range torque

Increased displacement via a larger bore offers increased performance at all rpm. Stronger low-mid range torque offers greater usability in everyday riding situations. Fuel injection with a high-capacity ECU, ultra-fine injectors and larger throttle bodies with sub-throttles all contribute to ultra-smooth power delivery.

Shorter Final Gearing

A larger rear sprocket emphasises the Z800’s already more powerful acceleration.

Highly Communicative Chassis

Tubular backbone chassis design with engine sub-frame and new connecting pipe, and revised chassis rigidity offer great feedback to the rider, communicating what the bike is doing in all situations.

Rider Experience

Inverted fork contributes to the Z800’s quick, nimble handling, excellent road-holding ability and superb feedback.

Combine this with rear suspension built to attack the tighest of twisties and the Z800 ABS is the machine to suit your desired riding experience.

Foward and attacking with true feedback and instictive feel, the Z800 renews the raucous joy of riding a Kawasaki Z.

Piggyback-resevoir-equipped Rear Shock

Piggyback reservoir offers increased cooling performance. Rear shock repositioned to the left side for better left-right balance.

Enhanced Braking Performance

Opposed, 4-piston calipers gripping larger-diameter 310 mm petal discs deliver formidable stopping power with superb control and feel.

Full Digital Instrumentation

Triple LCD customizable screen instrumentation includes a level-meter-style tachometer, fuel gauge, remaining range and the Economical Riding Indicator.

Natural Riding Position

Riding position was designed to enable the rider to become one with the bike, contributing to outstanding machine control. New seat design contributes to increased comfort for rider and passenger.

Textured seat featuring embossed Z styling

Narrow seat width at the front for solid purchase on the ground.

Sharp and in control with wide bars and and sporty stance to give great turning ability and a full feeling of control.

Buffed Header Pipes

Elegant curves of the exhaust header pipes and a buffed finish complement the Z800’s fierce street-fighter styling.

Aggressive Front Cowl

Fierce, glaring appearance of the Z800’s visage is one of its key styling features.

LED Taillight

New taillight design features a “Z” pattern – a nice touch that complements the slim tail section of this latest Z-model.

Sharp Under-cowl

Standard on ZR800 models, the under-cowl adds to the Z800’s street-fighter image and along with the engine shrouds contributes to the aggressive, visceral styling.  The beast chasing it's prey, hunting it down the road.

Standard ABS

The Z800 features a compact and lightweight Nissin motorcycle ABS unit. The unit is located under the rider’s seat, contributing to increased room for storage under the passenger seat.

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