Grace Rowe Kawasaki Supported Riders Template

KX85II  #727

Competing in 2016 NSW Junior Motocross Championship, NSW Sprint and Cross Counrty Championship.


  • 2nd - 2015 NSW Motocross Championship Junior Girls - 85cc/ 150cc class
  • 3rd - 2015 NSW Motocross Championship Junior Girls Lites - 100cc/ 250cc class
  • 1st - 2014 NSW Motocross Championship Junior Girls
  • 1st - 2014 NSW Sprint & Cross Country Championship Junior Girls
  • 3rd - 2014 NSW State Motocross Titles Junior Girls Lites
  • 1st - 2013 Tri-Series Motocross Series
  • 1st - 2013 Minikana Titles


I am genuinely excited for the 2016 racing season. I am excited to get amongst it and get to where I want to be, at the top.


Preperation is really big for me. I try to eat well and work on strength training where needed. Ballet provides me with a strong core and legs and I work on upper body strength when I can. I have some wonderful people in my world to train me and help my along like my dad, Meg Rutledge for MX and Jess Gardiner for Enduro.


I dance for the Sydney Ballet Company and I love time with my family. I love holidays and time at the beach with my friends.


It depends who you ask - GiGi, Chops, G-shock, but generally Gracie.


I love dubbo track, It has a great flow and pace. Lately I am absolutely loving jumping, so even though some of them make me freak out a bit, I'm looking forward to tracks like Appin because they are causing me to develop different sides of my riding.

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