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Ninja ZX-6R (636) Freestyle Stunt Rider Jamie Baker Partners with Kawasaki Motors Australia

JB (left) and Kawasaki Motors Australia National Sales and Marketing Manager, Robert Walker (right) JB (left) and Kawasaki Motors Australia National Sales and Marketing Manager, Robert Walker (right)

Illustrious Australian freestyle stunt rider, Jamie Baker (JB) has secured direct support from Kawasaki Motors Australia that will aid in driving his professional freestyle stunt riding ambitions.

The 27year old from South Australia has been freestyle stunt riding his road motorcycles for 7 years and in 2017 he will continue to bewilder onlookers aboard his Kawasaki Ninja ZX-6R (636).

“I cannot thank the team at Kawasaki Australia enough for giving me the opportunity to represent team green here in Australia as the official Kawasaki freestyle sportsbike rider and for supplying me with the Kawasaki Ninja ZX-6R (636) for the 2017 season,” Jamie commented.

Jamie Baker - Kawasaki Supported Freestyle Stunt RiderJB aboard his Kawasaki Ninja ZX-6R (636)

Jamie’s goal is to elevate freestyle stunt riding in the eyes of the wider community and to encourage safe practice techniques. “I want to take stunt riding to the next level. Earlier on when my interest in stunt riding first began, I was told not to pursue this path because there would be little to no rewards, but securing support from Kawasaki has shown that determination and willpower pays off,“ said Jamie.

JB’s passion for freestyle stunt riding was ignited after he was convinced to put his skills to the test by a close friend. “I was able to wheelie a bike for a really long time so a friend of mine had a stunt bike made up and suggested I should try it. The first time I rode it, I scrapped the tail piece and from there I found something I was really good at and felt satisfied doing. I felt I could progress and develop so my stunt riding took off from there. It became more than riding a bike, I developed an entirely new perspective on riding and what these bikes are capable of.” Jamie commented.

Jamie Baker - Kawasaki Supported Freestyle Stunt RiderJB drifting his Kawasaki Ninja ZX-6R (636)

“I’m looking to push stunting as a lifestyle and that’s why I’m am dabbling in Jet Ski stunting, in addition to freestyle road stunt riding. Kawasaki has an outlet to stunt with Jet Skis as well so when I’m not on my bike, I’m on my Kawasaki Jet Ski.”

One of Jamie’s most significant achievements to date involved a stint in the United States where he performed in 20 events across 14 States and travelled over 6200 miles in 70 days.

“Being the first Australian rider to successfully tour the US is my highest achievement so far. I’ve been in contact with Clint Ewing,a factory Kawasaki stunt rider in the U.S. and he took note of me. When the opportunity came around, he made an offer for me to visit last year. The experience was an inspiration and I want to play my part in building the Australian scene to that level.”

Jamie Baker - Kawasaki Supported Freestyle Stunt Rider

“Kawasaki are probably the most renowned bikes in the stunt scene. The Ninja ZX-6R (636) for example is one of the lightest and fastest in its class and aftermarket stunting parts are readily available.”

Being an advocate of safety and lifting the public image of stunt riding is a priority for JB. “The advice that I always give is, don’t do it on the street! I would recommend training in a private spot where you are covered by insurance, can train safely and legally,” Jamie commented.

JB can been seen stunting his Kawasaki Ninja ZX-6R (636) at events around Australia. For more information and to see what JB is getting up to, follow him at and @jbstunts on Instagram.

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