Diesel Mule: Most Dependable Workhorse 

Like the PRO-FXT petrol model counterpart the six-seater PRO-DXT EPS offers “Diesel economy”, “Durability” and “Comfort and Convenience”. The diesel model was designed primarily for work applications, where their high-torque diesel engine will deliver excellent performance and allow on-site fuel compatibility. With a greater focus on cargo carrying and transportation, the PRO-DXT EPS can be transferred from a three seater features a spacious cargo bed, to a handy six-seater with ample room, making it the workhorse of choice for customers who need to transport staff and/or haul material.

The Mule PRO-DXT's combination of Diesel economy, durability, comfort and convenience make it the industry's most dependable outdoor partner.  The PRO-DXT features Electric Power Steering, seats up to six adults with a ROPS approved Cab Frame and 3-point seat belts for added peace of mind.

3yr strong warranty - no background - model page link

* Terms & Conditions Available from Kawasaki Mule / Teryx Dealerships


17KAF1000B 251GR1TA00D C 260-165Seating for six adults with largest cargo bed in class

If cargo capacity is your greatest priority, then the MULE PRO-DXT is your partner of choice. Its cargo bed is the largest in its class, ensuring you can carry more, and carry it more easily.

16KAF1000E Large Tray

Cargo bed dimensions LWH are 1,089 mm x 1,363 mm x 279 mm in 3-person mode and a handy 560 mm x 1,363 x 279 mm in 6-person model,  its long, flat design makes it easy to load from three sides. Cargo bed load capacity is 453 kg 3-person mode or 158 kg in 6-person mode.

17KAF1000B Engine Powerful Engine: Inline Triple

Enabling fuel compatibility amongst workplace machines, the MULE PRO-DXT is well suited for use in working environments where diesel is the primary fuel, such as in agriculture, underground mining, inside factories or on military bases and construction sites.
Combined with their rugged chassis, these hardy machines also represent practical choices for more traditional utility vehicle users who simply wish to opt for the lower operating costs, durability and reliability that a diesel-powered vehicle offers. Whether for industrial or general usage, the diesel MULE meet the needs of a broad range of utility vehicle customers.

30 Litre Fuel Tank

The large 30 litre fuel tank enables long intervals between fill-ups on work sites.

Hydraulic Disc Brakes

Front and rear disc brakes ensure strong, sure stopping power. The hydraulic disc system offers predictable performance, delivering brake power that matches input at the brake pedal.

17KAF1000B Front-Brakes 280x165

Front Discs are 212mm and gripped by two-piston (27mm) calipers.

17KAF1000B Rear Brakes 280x165Rear Discs are 212mm with single 34mm piston caliper. Semi-metallic brake pads offer the right balance between braking power and long life.



17KAF1000B Underside 280x165

17KAF1000B 251GN1DLS00D C280


Kawasaki MULE side by sides are famous for their durability, and the MULE PRO-DXT is no exception. Built to last, the newest additions to Kawasaki’s MULE PRO Series line-up also look tough thanks to their rugged, no-nonsense styling.

After undergoing extensive stiffness balance testing, the frame offers good lateral and torsional stiffness. The right amount of chassis flex to handle the shock of off-road work while maintaining a high level of ride comfort.

ROPS approved cab frame and and 3-point inertia reel seat belts are standard for added peace of mind. Always wear an approved helmet and read the owners manuals and the warning labels.

Stable Wide-body Chassis

The MULE PRO-DXT combine a wide-body chassis with a 2,345 mm wheelbase. This contributes to riding stability and comfort, while offering easy operability and manoeuvrability.

Wide track: 1,389 mm (front), 1,321 mm (rear)) contributes to vehicle stability. The stable chassis platform is complemented by front and rear independent suspension that adds to ride comfort.

Wheelbase of 2,345 mm enables a relatively short 4.8 m turning radius, which facilitates negotiating tight corners in the bush or on trail courses.

The wheelbase and ground clearance: 265 mm result in a favourable breakover angle: 26°, which reduces the chance of bottoming out when cresting a ridge or riding over a fallen log. High approach and departure angles : 78° and 63° also contribute to off-road performance. Minimising bodywork overhang reduces the chance of hitting the bumper or scraping the tail when going up or coming down steep slopes.

17KAF1000B 251GRNDLF00D C280Simple, Rugged Styling

Designed to reflect the tough construction and strong performance, the MULE PRO-DXT EPS features rugged, no-nonsense styling similar to that found on hard working utility vehicles.

Clean Dashboard Design

Clean dashboard design includes switches for the lights, selectable 4WD, rear differential lock. Cup holders and 3 handy storage compartments right, left and centre, also handy five spaces for additional switches have been prepared.  

17KAF1000B Interior 280x165

17KAF1000B 251GR1TA00D C 260-165Comfort & Convenience

Complementing the superb outdoor performance MULE PRO-DXT, and Kawasaki’s famous durability, these models also offer a number of comfort and convenience features to ensure that passengers are able to relax and enjoy the ride.

Doors Standard

The PRO-DXT comes standard with doors, offering a level of mud protection and helping to prevent branches, gravel and other debris from getting inside the passenger compartment, while facilitating getting in and out of the vehicle.

Simple latch mechanism facilitates opening and closing the doors.

17KAF1000B Roomy Interior2Roomy Interior

The wide-body chassis of the MULE PRO-DXT enables a roomy interior space that offers the shoulder and legroom for up to six adults to comfortably sit side-by-side.  

Seat material has superb elasticity, offering increased comfort and holding performance. The material is also resistant to cold, allowing it to maintain its suppleness when temperatures drop and reducing the chance of tearing/ripping when exposed to cold temperatures. Handgrips for the passengers (integrated into the ROPS frame) contribute to comfort.  Each seating position is equipped with a three-point seat belt to ensure driver and passengers stay securely in place.

17KAF1000B Headlights 280x165Bright Headlights and Large Tyres

Dual 55/60W headlights cut a bright path through the dark for clear visibility on night rides.

Optional Accessory LED headlights are available for the PRO-DXT EPS model, for more lighting power.

The MULE PRO-DXT EPS is equipped with 26" tyres on 12" rims. The large 26" radial tyres easily overcome obstacles and contribute to the PRO-DXT's excellent off  road handling.

16KAF1000E Tyres 280x165

17KAF1000B MeterDigital Instrumentation

Multi function display built into the dash is standard on the PRO-DXT EPS. Features include:

  • Digital speedometer
  • Digital fuel guage
  • Odometer
  • Hour meter
  • Clock
  • Dual trip meters
  • 2WD / 4WD indicator
  • Parking indicator
  • Water temperature warning indicator
  • Fuel injection warning indicator
  • CVT warning light
  • EPS warning light
  • Neutral indicator light
  • Reverse indicator light
  • Oil pressure warning light

DC Sockets

Two DC sockets are integrated into the dashboard provide power supply (up to 120W) for accessory items or personal device charging. Additional 12V DC wiring harness connectors can be found, 1 in the front behind the dash, 2 can be found under the front bench seat on the rear left side and 1 at the rear right hand side under the tray. 

17KAF1000B Tilt SteeringTilt Steering

Steering wheel has a stepless range of approximately 40o allowing drivers to set the position to suit personal preference. This can also be used to lift the steering wheel out of the way to facilitate getting in and out of the vehicle.  The thickly cushioned steering wheel contributes to comfort as well as the high quality feel of the PRO-DXT.

Electric Power Steering (EPS)

Kawasaki's high grade electric power steering (EPS) system works best when you need it most: at extreme slow speed and when stopped. turning the wheel causes a signal to be sent to the EPS ECU, initiating assistance. At slow speed or when stopped, assistance is greatest; assistance is reduced as vehicle speed increases to ensure stable handling. The EPS system also enhances the ride comfort and control by acting as a damping system.

The electric system works immediately, without time lag, when the engine is first started. The EPS system does not rely on an oil pump, therefore there is no engine power loss and fuel efficiency is uncompromised.

Storage 280x150Handy Storage

Passenger side glove box provides enclosed storage for small items. Three dashboard pockets (left, centre, right) provide a handy place to put small items. The centre pocket is large enough to accomodate the accessory audio system.

Two drink holders are built into the bodywork of the front dashboard. An optional accessory bin can be fitted under the front bench seat for convenient covered storage.

Storage bin 280x150

16KAF1000E Dash Controls2WD / 4WD Easy Change

Electrically selectable 2WD / 4WD and dual-mode rear differential system to allow easy changing between drive systems to suit changing terrain and applications.

Flipping the switches causes the systems to engage instantly, ensuring the rider has full control of when 4WD or the rear differential lock is activated.

Dual-mode rear differential provides maximum traction when in locked mode and minimises ground clearance when unlocked.

Numerous Genuine Accessories

Talk to your local Kawasaki dealership about your needs.

  • Accessory Mounts
  • Accessory Fuse Kit
  • Half/Full windshield
  • Horn Kit
  • Hard Roof
  • Back-up beeper
  • Skid Plates
  • CV Guards
  • LED Lightbar
  • LED Headlights
  • Tail light guards
  • Rear Bumper
  • Hitch drawbar
  • Rifle case mount
  • Gun Boot
  • Hydraulic Bed Lift Kit
  • Cargo box
  • Cargo Mat
  • Floor Mats Front and Rear
  • Winch Mount Kit
  • Winches
  • Centre Console
  • Click on the Genuine Accessories tab for more information
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Type Liquid-cooled, 4-stroke, 3-cylinder, Diesel OHV
Displacement 993 cm³
Bore and Stroke 74.0 x 77.0 mm
Compression ratio 23.5:1
Combustion chamber Swirl chamber
Fuel system In-line injection pump
Starting Electric
Lubrication Forced lubrication, wet sump
Transmission Dual Range (high/low) CVT with reverse
Primary Drive Belt Converter
Final Drive 2WD/4WD shaft Dual-Mode Differential
Primary reduction ratio 3.334 - 0.756 (belt converter)
Gear Ratios:  
Foward (High) 1.952 (34/33 x 36/19)
Forward (Low) 3.876 (45/22 x 36/19)
Reverse 3.009 (27/17 x 36/11)
Final reduction ratio Front 6.382 (31/17 x 35/10)
Final Reduction ratio Rear  6.245 (31/21 x 55/13

Ladder type, tubular steel

Wheel travel:
Front 222 mm
Rear (left, right) 217mm, 220mm
Front 26 x 9.00-12 4PR
Rear 26 x 11.0-12 4PR
Caster (rake) 4.4°
Track (front / rear) 1,389 mm / 1,321 mm
Steering angle (left/right) 40°(IN) / 31° (OUT), 40° (IN) / 31° (OUT)
Front Double Wishbone
Rear Double Wishbone
Front: Dual 212 mm discs with two-piston calipers
Rear: Dual 212 mm discs with single-piston calipers
Parking Brake: Dual Disc (mechanical)
Overall length 3,385 mm
Overall width 1,625 mm
Overall height 1,970 mm
Wheelbase 2,345 mm
Ground clearance 260 mm
Seat height 880 mm (front) 965 mm (rear)
Curb mass 871 kg (includes full tank of fuel and all liquids at optium levels)
Dry Weight 834 kg
Fuel capacity  30.0 L


Maximum Power 17.8kW {24PS} / 3,600 rpm
Maximum Torque 52.1 N.m {5.3kgf.m} / 2,400 rpm
Minimum Turning Radius 4.8m
Cargo Bed Capacity 453 kg (3 person) 158 kg (6-person)
Cargo Box (inside) L x W x H

1,085 x 1,363 x 279 mm (3-person)

560 x 1,363 x 279 mm (6-person)

Seating Capacity 3 person or 6 person
Max. Permissible Load 725 kg
Max Towing Capacity 907kg

3 year warranty – Terms & Conditions Apply – Discuss with a Kawasaki Dealer


 Timberline Green

17KAF1000B 251GRNDLF00D C280

The specifications mentioned here apply to and have been achieved by production models under standard operating conditions. We intend only to give a fair description of the vehicle and its performance capabilities but these specifications may not apply to every machine supplied for sale. Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd. and Kawasaki Motors Pty Ltd  reserve the right to alter the specifications without prior notice. Equipment illustrated and specifications may vary to meet individual markets.

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Accessories for KAF1000BHF 2017 MULE Pro-DXT EPS LE

Accessory Harness - Rear

KAF080044 More info Find a Dealer

Power your vehicle?s electronic accessories the easy way The Rear Accessory Harnesses offer a convenient plug-in location for mounted accessories and routes otherwise unsightly wires through pre-molded channels in the Hard Cab Enclosure Roof Hard Cab Enclosure (KAF080-060) and related components required


KAF080019 More info Find a Dealer

Built to withstand the elements, this compact Audio System is packed with features that make listening to audio in remote locations a reality Located within the polyethylene plastic housing is a compact marine grade 4. AM/FM stereo, two compact 3 marine grade speakers, USB and AUX input adapter and amplified internal antenna. The system is pre-assembled and ready to securely mount to your dash with a simple two-wire, plug-and-play installation. Additional Stereo Features: AM/FM/USB stereo Long-range amplified internal antenna provides amazing clarity Large, daylight readable LCD display with blue backlit controls for a user-friendly interface Marine grade IPX6 waterproof design 40w x 4 maximum output for powerful sound RCA amplifier line-out Audio tone, balance, and fade controls Additional Speakers Features: 3 marine grade 2-way speakers


KAF080030 More info Find a Dealer

Whether on the job site or the farm, a Back-up Beeper is a necessary and often required addition to alert others that your vehicle is reversing. Important Notes: wires directly to the reverse switch on the transmission.


KAF080028 More info Find a Dealer

Affix a Beacon Strobe Light to the roof of your Hard Cab Enclosure to alert others of your presence on the job site or when visibility is at a premium, industrial grade components and LED bulbs make this accessory extremely durable, dependable and energy efficient. Important Notes: Requires Hard Cab Enclosure, Accessory Fuse Box KAF080-042 and Rear Accessory Harness KAF080-044.

Block Heater

999940741 More info Find a Dealer

The diesel Block Heater provides heat to the engine for easier starting in extreme cold Keeps engine warm in cold temperatures Eliminates cold start engine damage Simple to install Reliable and efficient way to pre-heat your engine Plugs into household 110V outlet Includes all mounting hardware and wiring


999940412 More info Find a Dealer

Add protection and aggressive style to the front of your vehicle with this durable laser cut, formed steel brush guard. Powder coated in textured black to match the stock front bumper for a uniform look. Built-in headlight guards and mounting tabs for the Kawasaki Genuine LED lighting Kit, provide additional versatility as well as saving you money when compared to purcassing these items separately.


KAF080002 More info Find a Dealer

Raise and lower your cargo bed with a Hydraulic Cargo Bed Lift, saving energy and increasing productivity. Featuring "earth mover" grade lifting power in a self-contained hydraulic system for a product you can count on each and every workday -- no hoses, no reservoir to fill or top off, no bleeding process.


KAF080037 More info Find a Dealer

Roto molded PE plastic panel designed to fit perfectly in the slots of the MULE PRO-FXT bed sides in multiple configurations Kit includes one panel that divides the bed into two sections for convenient loading Additional kits can be added to further divide the cargo bed


KAF080032 More info Find a Dealer

Safely store small tools, important documents and any additional items in this durable water resistant Center Console. Hinged lid locks into place when closed and is covered with a 750mm thick foam pad for diiver and passenger comfort. Attaches quickly and easily to the front bench seat in the centre passenger position with provided shock cords. IMPORTANT NOTES: Front seat application only.


K61021503 More info Find a Dealer

* High gloss formula specifically developed for the Powersports industry * Wipe down cleaner coats plastic, fiberglass and painted surfaces * Restores showroom shine in a few quick wipes * Makes cleaning process fast, simple and effortless * Leaves a clear coat film for extended protection against the elements * 12 US FLOZ (355mL)


K61081004A More info Find a Dealer

* Full strength engine coolant (not pre-diluted) * T-Triazole for maximum corrosion protection in aluminium cooling systems * Contains foam and rust inhibitors


K61021502 More info Find a Dealer

* The All-In-One Detailer that cleanes shines and protects all painted surfaces, chrome parts, windshields and plastics * Carnauba wax formulation provides a deep show-like shine making your vehicles painted surfaces come to life * Easy spray applicator * 12 US FLOZ (355mL)


KAF080033 More info Find a Dealer

Protect your feet and floorboards with these tough 187mm extra thick rubber mats. Each mat has been modled for a perfect fit and mounts directly to the floorboard to help prevent movement. The extra thick rubber also reduces sound levels caused from vibration.


K61081002A More info Find a Dealer

* Performs consistently over a broad range of temperatures * Meets all DOT 3/4 specs for universal application


KAF080043 More info Find a Dealer

Front Accessory Harness.


KAF080021 More info Find a Dealer

When on the trail or at the job site, additional storage for essential tools and equipment is important. Add additional easy access storage to your MULE PRO-FXT / PRO-DXT / PRO-FX / PRO-DX side x side with the Front Rack. Mounts to the front bumper and the ROPS. Black powder coated steel construction. Tilts forward for easy access to hood. Multiple tie-down points 15" deep x 54" wide flat cargo area dimensions Note: Kawasaki Genuine Accessory Brush Guard (99994-0412) is required to install this item.


999940438 More info Find a Dealer

Protect your drive chain and chassis with a durable brushed aluminium Kawasaki Genuine Skid Plate. Unlike the aftermarket plate, each Genuine plate has been designed with precise ventilation holes and has been tested to prevent high engine temps during hard use or hot weather.


K61021504 More info Find a Dealer

* Multi-purpose extreme pressure, lithium complex grease which imparts superior high and low temperature characteristics and chemical stability * High tensile strength provides durability under heavy loads, resists mechanical breakdown and water "wash-out" * Offers excellent rust & oxidation protection and is highly compatible with seals * 16 OZ (454g)


999940429 More info Find a Dealer

While operating your vehicle in rough terrain these lightweight CV Joint Guards protect you?re a-arms, axles, brake-lines and CV Boots. In addition to protection, the full-coverage design adds a custom look to your vehicle.


999940428 More info Find a Dealer

While operating your vehicle in rough terrain these lightweight CV Joint Guards protect you?re a-arms, axles, brake-lines and CV Boots. In addition to protection, the full-coverage design adds a custom look to your vehicle.


999940455 More info Find a Dealer

Install a horn to alert others of your presence while on the job site or the trail. Internally Mounted. (INCLUDES: WIRING HARNESS AND SWITCH).


KP20020 More info Find a Dealer

Securely transport and conveniently store your rifle with the Kolpin Gun Boot 6.0 Transport case. Extra-large interior features two layers of dense closed cell foam for protection and is roomy enough to accommodate a variety of fire-arms, including: rifles up to 129.54cm in total length, scopesup to 60mm, pistol grip type rifles and left and right hand bolt action weapons.


KAF080022 More info Find a Dealer

Etend your usable cargo space by 8" with this durable roto-molded plastic Bed Extender. Simply lower the tailgate and attach the extender to the bed rails with two KQR Clamps. Easily adjust to different cargo sizes by sliding the clamps forward or backward or by reversing the entire Ben Extender to create a divider. Two Kawasaki Quick Release Clamps included.


KAF080017 More info Find a Dealer

Add secure storage within your vehicles cargo bed in seconds. The KQR Cargo Box utilizes two KQR Accessories mounts KAF080-012 (Sold Separately) to quickly attach to either cargo bed rail. Ample internal dimensions provide plenty of storage space for transporting tools, equipment, straps. Tie-downs, emergency kits, or trail snacks. Important Notes: Requires 2 KQR Accessories Mounts KAF080-012.


KAF080012 More info Find a Dealer

Required for quick-mounting the KQR Cargo Box and KQR Gun Boot Mount to the vehicle bed and rear cab rails. - Constructed of black anodized aluminum for durability - Mounts are sold individually - Refer to each KQR accessory for the quantity of mounts required


KAF080041 More info Find a Dealer

A required component of the Kawasaki Genuine Hard Cabin Enclosure system. Made from DOT approved AS1 safety glass, the KQR Full Windshield provides wind and debris protection for improved in-cabin comfort. With the KQR installation system once installed you can quickly install and remove the windshield without the use of tools. IMPORTANT NOTES: Not for individual use. Install as a required component of the Hard Cabin Enclosure system.


KAF080001 More info Find a Dealer

Made from scratch-resistant polycarbonate, the KQR Full Windshield provides wind and debris protection for improved in-cabin comfort. With the added KQR installation system, once installed, you can quickly install and remove the windshield without the use of tools.


KAF080027 More info Find a Dealer

Deflect diret wind blasts shile maintaining comfortable air-flow throughout cabin with this KQR installation system, once installed, you can quickly install and remove the windshield without the use of tools.


KAF080013 More info Find a Dealer

The KQR Rifle Case Mount allows for secure, convenient weapon storage within the bed of your vehicle. Plus our KQR installation system allows you to quickly add or remove mounts as needed. For the Mule Pro-FXT, a total of six rifles can be installed while vehicle is in 3-passenger mode and three rifles while in 6-passenger mode.


KAF080029 More info Find a Dealer

Front and rear LED Dome Lights illuminate the interior of your vehicles cabin for increased visibility while reading a map or organising your belongings. Battery oprerated design allow for a quick, wireless installation in the overhead console of your Hard Cab Enclosure. Purchase as an optional accessory of the Kawasaki Genuine Hard Cab Enclosure.

LED Headlight Set

999940539 More info Find a Dealer

Add the high output LED Headlight Set to your base model MULE PRO-FXT / MULE PRO-DXT / MULE PRO-FX / MULE PRO-DX side x side Five individual LEDs in each light Emit a brighter white temperature


KAF080048 More info Find a Dealer

Work or play, some things need to get done after the sun goes down. This premium LED Lightbar mounts to the front of your vehicles accessory Brush Guard and puts out 2,200 lumens in a wide beam flood pattern. (NOTE THIS PART REQUIRES THE FOLLOWING PARTS). LED Lightbar Harness Kit KAF080-020: Fuse Box KAF080-042 and Brush Guard 99994-0412.


KAF080020 More info Find a Dealer

A required component of the lED lightbar. This kit includes the primary LED Lightbar wiring harness and dash-mounted on/off switch.


999940545 More info Find a Dealer

To suit Trans models Pro DXT


K61021501 More info Find a Dealer

* Unique formula breaksdown dirt, grime and oils while gently protecting paint and other delicate finishes * Safe on plastics, carbon fiber, paint, anodizing, aluminum, titanium, rubber * Biodegradable cleaning formula * Contains no harmful acids, CFC's or solvents * Will not harm seals or brake pads * Spray on, wash off, go ride * 32 US FLOZ (946mL)

Rear Bumper

999940413 More info Find a Dealer

This stylish yet functional accessory helps protect the rear of your vehicle from unintended impact while backing-up or loading your cargo bed Made of durable 1 7/8 thick steel Powder coated in textured black to provide a uniform look with stock components Caution: Does NOT interfere with tail light visibility


TX750077 More info Find a Dealer

3D curved safety glass mirror provides excellent field of view. Durable textured block powder coating. Aluminum mounting with 43mm diameter clamp.


TLR36A More info Find a Dealer

When used with Hitch Ball Mount KAF138 or TX750-015, the Reducer Bushing is required, Kawasaki Genuine Accessories P/N: TLR36A


999940439 More info Find a Dealer

Protects your drive chain and chassis with a durable brushed aluminium Kawasaki Genuine Skid Plate. Unlike the aftermarket plate, each genuine skid plate has been designed with precise ventilation holes and has been tested to prevent high engine temps during hard use or hot weather.


999940512 More info Find a Dealer

Protect your drive chain and chassis with a durable brushed aluminium Kawasaki Genuine Skid Plate. Unlike the aftermarket, each plate has been designed with precise ventilation holes and has beeen tested to prevent high engine temps during hard use or hot weather.


999940514 More info Find a Dealer

Heavy duty Springs increase bottoming resistance when carrying a heavy load and or when heavy accessories such as a Kawasaki Genuine Cab Enclosure. Includes: two front springs and two rear springs. IMPORTANT NOTES: Direct replacement of stock springs.


999940424 More info Find a Dealer

Reduce the risk of impact, and ultimately the occurrence of unnecessary repairs. Powder coated in textured black to provide a uniform look with stock components.


TX750015 More info Find a Dealer

* Heavy duty 2" steel drawbar with welded gusset * Pin and clip included . When used with Hitch Ball Mount KAF138 or TX750-015, the Reducer Bushing is required, Kawasaki Genuine Accessories P/N: TLR36A


KAF136 More info Find a Dealer

2" Chrome plated trailer hitch ball . Includes nut and lock washer. 3/4"diameter shank. 1&1/2" shank length. When used with Hitch Ball Mount KAF138 (for Mule) or TX750-015 (for Terxy), a reducer Bushing is required. Kawasaki Genuine Accessories part number TLR36A.


K0698504GNNS More info Find a Dealer

* Plastic hitch cap with durable domed polyurethane coating * Custom Kawasaki logo * Fits most 2" receivers


TLR39 More info Find a Dealer

* Use with receiver-type trailer drawbars * Includes easy to install & remove hairpin clip * 5/8" Hitch Pin for 2" Drawbar * FOR REPLACEMENT ONLY


KAF080036 More info Find a Dealer

Storage space is always a premium, especially when on the trail or at the job site. Adds additional storage securely and out of sight with this ease-to -access under seat storage bin. Mounts under front bench seat. Polyethylene construction with black powder coated steel brackets. Matching snap-on lid. Storage bin removes easily once installed. 22 litre storage capacity.


999940687 More info Find a Dealer

A Winch Mount is required when installing a WARN ProVantage or Vantage xinch and doller fairlead to your vehicle. Four-bolt pattern allows for hassle-free installation of WARN products. IMPORTANT NOTES: Required when installing a winch


KAF080024 More info Find a Dealer

Directs washing fluid onto accessory glass windshield Flexible plastic container holds cleaning solution For use on glass windshield only, sold separately Hard Cab Enclosure (KAF080-060) required Also requires Glass Windshield (KAF080-041), Windshield Wiper (KAF080-011), and Accessory Fuse Box (KAF080-076)


KAF080011 More info Find a Dealer

Dramtically improve your visibility during a storm or clear debris off the windshield with our automotive style Windshield Woper. The kit mounts to the center portion of your windshield favoring the driver. It is switch operated and features a 110 degree sweep radius for the 50.8cm flex blade. Purchase as an optional accessory for the Kawasaki Genuine Hard Cab Enclosure with full windsheild - GLASS KAF080-041 installed. IMPORTANT NOTES: Requires installation of Hard Cab Enclosure system, Front Accessory Harness KAF080-043 and Accessory Fuse Box KAF080-042. (NOT COMPATIBLE WITHFULL WINDSHIELD - PLASTIC KAF080-001).