2016 NINJA 650L ABS

Fun.  Aggressive.  Easy

The Ninja 650L ABS improves upon the balanced package of it's predecessor.  Increased engine performance adds more fun. A slim frame and seat offer more comfort and lighter handling.  The aggressive Ninja styling, featuring wind-tunnel derived bodylines, is complemented by an adjustable windscreen. Equally at home in the city, on the highway or twisting through the hills, the Ninja 650L ABS is perfect choice for all riders. New Ninja 650L ABS retail price announced, talk to your local Kawasaki Dealer for the latest information.

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2016 Right Facing Red 500x375

FUN - Highest Ride Excitement - Key Features

  • ABS brakes offer excellent performance and enhanced confidence in adverse conditions
  • Twin-pipe perimeter frame offers balanced rigidity and a low seat height
  • Twin-pipe swingarm assembly offers excellent rigidity and maximum style
  • Sharp, stylish sportbike bodywork features excellent engine-heat dissipation and looks that identify with Kawasaki’s flagship Ninja ZX-14R
  • Front and rear suspension settings and wheel travel are tuned to offer ride comfort with excellent compliance in varying situations
  • Instrument cluster features an analog tachometer and a digital readout module for easy information at-a-glance
  • Two-piece seat assembly features thick and wide foam for optimum rider and passenger comfort but is sculpted at the front so it does not interfere with the rider’s reach to the ground
  • Easy-pull clutch design reduces fatigue and provides smooth engagement
Engine 275 x 183

Engine Performance

The Ninja 650L’s Liquid-cooled, DOHC, 8-valve 649 cm³ Parallel Twin with fuel injection delivers smooth, responsive performance, especially in the low and medium rpm ranges. The engine has been tuned for rider-friendly power characteristics that will inspire confidence in new riders. The 2016 model (compared to the 2013 model) features a 4kW increase in max power - to 39kW - for improved performance in a LAMS category model. 

The engine’s excellent mid-range power characteristics make the bike especially fun to ride at medium speeds on city streets. Roll-on response is exceptional, offering impressive passing performance.


Digital Fuel Injection

The DFI settings boost the engine’s bottom-end power while letting it rev more quickly. The sub-throttle valve equipped 38mm Keihin throttle bodies offer optimum performance and rideability.

Located behind the main throttle valves, the sub-throttles are controlled by the DFI system’s ECU for a precise throttle response, similar to a constant velocity carburettor.


2016 Right Facing GRN 275x183

Chassis and Suspension

A double pipe perimeter style frame is combined with a backbone style rear swingarm desing for a slim, light, nimble handling motorcycle.

The slim backbone allows elements to be positioned closer to the centreline of the bike.  A short wheelbase and tight turning radius contribute to the Ninja 650L ABS high manoeuvrability.

The offset rear single shock suspension (with a green spring) flows smoothly from the frame to the swingarm.  Following the lines of the frame and rear shock, the swingarm also features the double pipe design.

The 41mm front forks give the whole bike a compliant ride.

2016 Suspension 275 x 183

2016 Front Disc 275x183

ABS Brakes

Dual 300 mm front petal disc brakes and 220 mm rear petal disc combined with front and rear ABS braking deliver plenty of reassuring braking performance.

Triple petal disc brakes look great and deliver plenty of stopping power combined with the twin piston front brake calipers.

A compact new ABS unit has more advanced processor that enables precise ABS control.

Attractive 6 spoke wheels give the bike a light look while reducing the unsprung weight

2016 EX650F grn Rear Wheel 275x183

EASY - Friendly Ergonomics and Character

  • The low-mid range focused power curve has few peaks and valleys for easy city riding and the increased low-end torque facilitates moving off from stops.
  • The chassis is slimmer an more compact than previous models which means the bike is even lighter and easier to handle.
  • The Ninja 650L ABS has a comfortable, neutral, upright riding position.
  • A few tweaks has made it easier to reach the ground when seated on the Ninja 650L ABS.  The narrower footpeg stay and pivot cover design, the new rear frame and seat design creae a slim line bike.  The seat height figure is largely unchanged from previous modles, but your feet are approximately 50mm closer to the centreline of the bike due to the seat shape.
  • The seat offers comfort and good freedom of movement.
  • The windscreen is adjustable to 3 different positions which is a variation of 60mm
  • The instrument panel is easy to read
  • The ABS is the latest-spec lightweight and compact ABS unit.  Advnaced processor and programming gives precise ABS control.
  • Position-adjustable clutch and brake levers.
2016EX650F Left Facing Green 500x375
2016 Exhaust 275x183

Slim Line Exhaust

Tucked away under the engine is the stylish exhaust for the Ninja 650L ABS.  The under engine muffler with large volume internal construction delivers smooth torque in the everyday range below 7,000rpm.  The increased performance facilitates control at lower rpm and contributes to the enhanced enjoyment of the Ninja 650L.

On the header pipes there is a connector tube joining the pipes to help eliminate peaks and valleys in the torque curve, resulting in smoother power delivery.

2016EX650F Seat green 275 x 183

Increased Comfort for Rider and Pillion

The front seat is this at the top edge and thanks to the new rear frame design the plastic seat base construction enables much thicker cushioning throughout.

A sporty looking tandem seat with thick cushioning ensures good passenger comfort and ergonomic passenger grips are positioned to make them easy for tandem riders to grab.  Good passenger confidence makes it easier for riders when carrying a pillion.

Thanks to the low seat height and slim overall design, it’s easy to keep both feet firmly on the ground when stopped, an important consideration for many riders.

2016 Ergo 275x183

Rider Friendly Ergonomics

The riding position was specially designed to inspire rider confidence. An idela relationship between the handlebars, seat and footpegs reqults in a comfortable and natural position suitable for a wide range of riders.

The wide handle bars offers more room on the bike for larger riders. 

The suspension settings contribute to increase in rider comfort and redustion in fatigue.

The handlebars are rubber mounted to reduce vibration transmitted through the handle grips.

Footpegs are rubber mounted and both rider and pillion footpegs are rubber coated to further remove vibration.


AGGRESSIVE - Ninja Styling

  • Sharp and aggessive Ninja inspired design is a part of the sports appeal of the Ninja 650L ABS
  • The bodylines are derived from wind tunnel testing to ensure preimum performance
  • The Ninja 650L ABS has a condensed, mass forward stance - this assists with the appearance and benefits the balance, drive and handling of the Ninja 650L
  • The 2015 Ninja 650L ABS proudly sits in the Kawasaki sports group with the Ninja name; the craftsmanship is evident in all of the smallest details of this mid-size sports bike.
  • Large capacity fuel tank (16L) meshes perfectly with the radically shaped fairing
  • Distinctive Ninja supersport design elements enhance the Ninja 650’s sporty image and compact appearance
  • Integrated front turn signals feature clear lenses and amber bulbs
  • A sleek tail cowl featuring a thin LED taillight accentuates the bodywork’s radical appearance
2016 Right Facing Red 500x375
2016 Nose 275x183

Aggressive Ninja Supersport Style Bodywork

Styling cues taken from the Ninja supersport models gives the Ninja 650L ABS an aggressive, sporty appearance. All lines move forward and downward, suggesting a crouching stance with a sharp mass-forward look.

The sculpted shape of the multi-reflector headlamp’s bulb hoods is an example of the attention given to detail on this model. The dual headlamp desing features twin position lamps.

The large openings in the side of the fairings are not only for the sporty look; they assist with heas dissapation.

Ninja 650 ABS shown in the image above (non-LAMS model)

2016 rear275x183

Sharp Ninja Style

Sharper front fender design contributes to the aggressive new image while a sharper new LED taillight contributes to the slimmer look of the rear.

The sharp front fender is pure Ninja family and the built-in front indicators smooth the fairing line and add a sleekness to the front end.

2016 EX650F Front indicator 275x183


Wind Protection

The sporty windscreen is adjustable offering three positions and a total range of 60 mm.

The new bodywork and windscreen offer good wind protection and were designed to minimise head buffeting.

2016 Side fairing 275 x 183

Rider friendly features

The 2015 Ninja 650L ABS is equipped with a number of features that are designed to improve the riding experience.

  • A dual headlight design within the fairing’s angular upper section features multi-reflector bulb hoods and twin position lights – like its Ninja supersport brethren
  • A 3-way adjustable windscreen deflects air away from the rider, creating a still-air envelope and reducing wind buffeting at higher speeds
  • Inner rear fender helps keep the underside of the tail cowl clean
  • Turn signals also function as flashing hazard lights
  • A front fender minimizes water splash, while its shape matches the Ninja 650’s bodywork styling
  • Supersport-type mirrors – like those on Kawasaki’s ZX-10R and 6R – accentuate the bike’s aggressive styling
  • Four tie down hooks for luggage.
  • Under seat storage - enough room for a U-Lock or similar security device.
  • Under seat helmet hooks.
2016 Right Facing Red 500x375
2016 EX650F Brake lever 275x183

Adjustable Levers

The clutch and the brake lever on the Ninja 650L ABS are position adjustable.  One more way you can ensure your bike fits you perfectly.

The Ninja 650L clutch cable is light to pull in due to the cable being constructed with thinner strands.  This reduces the effort to pull the lever in and increases the feeling in the clutch engagement point.

2016 Instruments 275x183

Multi-function Instrument Display

Stacked instrument cluster features an easier-to-read layout.  Analogue-style tachometer and multi-function dual-window LCD screen use white LED backlights for excellent visibility at night. 

In addition to the fuel gauge, digital speedometer, clock, odometer and dual trip meters, new features include: remaining range, average/instant fuel consumption and the Economical Riding Indicator.

Accessories 275 x 183

Genuine Kawasaki Accessories

Talk with you local Kawasaki dealership to find all of the latest Kawasaki Ninja 650L ABS accessories, Kawasaki Clothing and Kawasaki Merchandise.

2016 Right Facing GRN 275x183Candy Lime Green Type 3 with Metallic Flat Spark Black & Galaxy Silver

2016 Right Facing RED 275x183 Candy Persimmon Red with  Metallic Flat Spark Black





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Type Liquid-cooled, 4-stroke Parallel Twin
Displacement 649 cm³
Bore and Stroke 83.0 x 60.0 mm
Compression ratio 10.8:1
Valve system DOHC, 8 valves
Fuel system Fuel injection: ø38 mm x 2 (Keihin)
Ignition Digital
Starting Electric
Lubrication Forced lubrication, semi-dry sump
Transmission 6-speed, return
Final drive Sealed Chain
Primary reduction ratio 2.095 (88/42)
1st 2.438 (39/16)
2nd 1.714 (36/21)
3rd 1.333 (32/24)
4th 1.111 (30/27)
5th 0.966 (28/29)
6th 0.852 (23/27)
Final reduction ratio 3.067 (46/15)
Clutch Wet multi-disc, manual
Type Perimeter, high-tensile steel
Wheel travel:
Front 125 mm
Rear 130 mm
Front 120/70ZR17M/C (58W)
Rear 160/60ZR17M/C (69W)
Caster (rake) 25°
Trail 110 mm
Steering angle (left/right) 35° / 35°
Front 41 mm telescopic fork
Rear Offset laydown single-shock with adjustable preload
Front: Dual semi-floating 300 mm petal discs
Caliper Dual piston with ABS
Rear: Single 220 mm petal disc
Caliper Single-piston with ABS
Overall length 2,100 mm
Overall width 770 mm
Overall height 1,180 mm
Wheelbase 1,410 mm
Ground clearance 130 mm
Seat height 805 mm
Curb mass 211 kg
Fuel capacity 16 L
Maximum power 39 kW / 8,000 rpm
Maximum torque 56 N·m / 4,000 rpm
2016 Right Facing GRN 275x183 2016 Right Facing RED 275x183  

Candy Lime Green Type 3 with Metallic Flat Spark Black, Metallic Spark Black  & Galaxy Silver

Candy Persimmon Red with Metallic Flat Spark Black and Metallic Spark Black



The specifications mentioned here apply to and have been achieved by production models under standard operating conditions. We intend only to give a fair description of the vehicle and its performance capabilities but these specifications may not apply to every machine supplied for sale. Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd. reserves the right to alter specifications without prior notice. Equipment illustrated and specifications may vary to meet individual markets.




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