2015 Z250SL ABS


Kawasaki’s latest addition to its aggressive Super naked Z series is the Z250SL.  Powered by a 249 cm³, 4-stroke Single mounted in an original trellis frame, the newest Z offers sporty performance in a slim, lightweight and compact package. Designed for the sports-minded urban commuter, this lighter, alternative to the Z300 ABS offers competitive Ninja-based performance, nimble handling, and aggressive ergonomics – an ensemble sure to turn heads as you navigate the concrete jungle.  Available in both ABS and non-ABS models for 2015.

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Z Style

Similar to the Z300, the Z250SL’s aggressive Supernaked styling follows a “slim and sexy” design theme.  The contrast between its flared and waisted sections gives the bike a dynamic, hourglass figure.  Its parts were all designed to be as compact as possible, and are mounted as closely as possible to the frame to further reinforce the bike’s slim design as well as adding to high quality looks.


15BR250E 47SGRNFEGA2CG 300

Liquid Cooled, 249 cm³, DOHC, 4-Valve, Single Engine

 The Z250SL’s 4-stroke single-cylinder engine offers sporty performance in a slim, lightweight and compact package. It delivers a robust midrange and its quick-revving character allows the engine to spin up quickly to the high-rpm range, where the engine really sings.

15BR250E 47SGRNFEGB2CG 300

Smooth Shifting Six Speed Transmission

Smooth-shifting six-speed transmission complements the Z250SL’s sporty street performance, offering a gear for every situation. The clutch engages smoothly and disengages cleanly, making it easy to operate for all riders and optimising clutch feel for on-road performance.

15BR250E 47SGRNFEGC00D 300

Fuel Injection with 38 mm Throttle Body 

The ø38 mm throttle body contributes to the quick-revving character. Fuel injection ensures stable fuel delivery and ensures excellent starting characteristics, whether the engine is hot or cold.

Supernaked Ergonomics

A slim overall package, tight-fit bodywork and wide, flat-style handlebar put the rider in the ideal position for active control. Super light and narrow the Z250SL ABS is the ideal balance between a competant city commuter and a fun weekend ride.

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15BR250 frame 300

Trellis frame

With the pipe size of each component of the frame carefully selected, a slim package that offers both nimbleness and good stability was achieved. Main tubes formed from high-tensile steel with a diameter of ø31.8 mm contribute to the frame’s rigidity balance and slim dimensions.

15BR250E 47SORGFSAB00D 300

Enhanced braking performance

Large-diameter 290 mm front petal disc brake operated by a 2-piston calliper delivers powerful braking and a natural feel at the lever. The Z250SL is available in both ABS and non-ABS variants.

15BR250E 47SORGNFMEA00D 300

All-digital instrumentation

Compact, all-digital instrument console gives at-a-glance information. Features include a digital bar-graph tachometer, digital speedometer, odometer, dual trip meters, clock and fuel gauge. Amber backlighting contributes to the Z image and facilitates instrument visibility at night.

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Aggressive Z Supernaked styling

Like other models in the Z Series, the Z250SL’s aggressive styling hints at its sporty potential. A dynamic design created by its slim, hourglass figure is complemented by extremely lightweight looks care of sharp, close-fit bodywork and an original trellis frame.
15BR250E 47SGRNFEX2CG 300

Exhaust and Muffler

Two-piece exhaust system consists of a ø35 mm stainless steel header pipe and sporty silencer. The silencer’s six-sided cross section adds to the sporty looks while contributing to a good bank angle.

15BR250F FrCowl 300

Muscular Bodywork and High-quality Touches

Sporty, single headlamp design adds to the bike’s sharp image. The multi-reflector headlamp throws a clear beam of light, facilitating night-time visibility.

15BR250E Taillight 300

Slim Tail Cowl

Sharp taillight design enhances the sporty look of the rear.


Creating the under-cowl from a single piece enabled its complex, chiselled shape.  Its sharp form creating the aggressive naked design. The strategically positioned body panels work in tangent with the trellis frame to give the Z250SL an extremely light look.

Heat Management Technology

Kawasaki’s patented radiator fan cover located behind the radiator directs hot air down and away from the rider, significantly increasing comfort when stuck in heavy traffic.  Redirecting the air also helps keep the tank, frame and other parts that contact the rider cooler, further increasing rider comfort.

Optional ABS

The Z250SL is the non ABS model, the Z250SL ABS model features a compact and lightweight Nissin motorcycle ABS unit.

15BR250E Lower cowl 500C
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Type Liquid-cooled, 4-stroke Single
Displacement 249 cm­­­­­³
Bore and Stroke 72.0 x 61.2 mm­
Compression ratio 11.3:1
Valve system DOHC, 4 valves
Fuel system Fuel injection: ø38 mm x 1
Ignition Digital
Starting Electric
Lubrication Forced lubrication, wet sump
Transmission 6-speed, return
Final drive Sealed Chain
Primary reduction ratio

2.800 (84/30)


3.000 (33/11)


1.933 (29/15)


1.444 (26/18)


1.217 (28/23)


1.045 (23/22)


0.923 (24/26)

Final reduction ratio

3.00 (42/14)

Clutch Wet multi-disc, manual

Tube diamond steel

Wheel travel:
Front 110 mm
Rear 116 mm

100/80-17M/C (52S)

Rear 130/70-17M/C (62S)
Caster (rake) 24°
Trail 90 mm
Steering angle (left/right) 36° / 36°

37 mm telescopic fork


Uni-Trak with with adjustable spring preload


Single 290 mm petal disc. 


Dual-piston calliper with optional ABS


Single 220 mm petal disc


Dual-piston calliper with optional  ABS

Overall length

1,935 mm

Overall width

700 mm

Overall height

1,015 mm


1,330 mm

Ground clearance

180 mm

Seat height

785 mm

Curb mass

148 kg/ 150 kg

Fuel capacity

11 litres

Maximum power

20.6 kW {28 PS} / 9,700 rpm

Maximum torque

22.6 Nžm {2.3 kgf-žm} /8,200 rpm

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KMI Candy Burnt Orange (34J)    


The specifications mentioned here apply to and have been achieved by production models under standard operating conditions. We intend only to give a fair description of the vehicle and its performance capabilities but these specifications may not apply to every machine supplied for sale. Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd. reserves the right to alter specifications without prior notice. Equipment illustrated and specifications may vary to meet individual markets.

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Accessories for BR250FFF 2015 Z250SL (LAMS) ABS


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