2015 KLX150BF


A simple, yet reliable air-cooled single-cylinder engine and highly rigid, box-section perimeter frame are complemented by full size large-diameter wheels. The KLX150BF wheels (21” front and 18” rear) and inverted front fork to offer an even higher level of off-road performance.

A simple yet reliable air-cooled single-cylinder engine with electric starter nestled in a sturdy, highly rigid steel perimeter frame offers easy-access, hassle-free fun. Complementing the strong engine and box-section perimeter frame, the 21” front and 18” rear wheels enable the KLX150BF to more easily tackle all obstacles encountered.

The KLX150BF offers a slim, compact package with a 870 mm seat height, comfortable riding position and low-effort controls, resulting in a bike that is easy to ride for new riders and satisfying for experienced riders. Racy, KX-inspired styling further adds to pride in ownership. The KLX150BF is Learner Legal throughout Australia.

Kawasaki Learner Approved Logo 196 2015   

15KLX150F IDN LIM RS R280x210

Full Size Wheels

Large 21" front and 18" rear tyres provide strong off road capability. Large wheels are better to overcoming obstacles encounted when taking the bike through off road trails or tackling the unpredictable roads of the urban environment.   

Slim, Lightweight Chassis

The high ridigity, compact size and light weight of the steel perimeter frame offers excellent handling qualities and contribute to easy manoeuvrability. Short 2.1m turning radius translates to sharp direction change both on the trail and in the city.

Racy MX Styling

The racy styling of the new KLX150BF was inspired by the design of Kawasaki’s KX motocrossers, and in particular the KX450F.  The more aggressive design is a reflection of its off-road prowess.

15KLX150F 370LIM2FSAB-Front brake280x150 15KLX150F 370LIM2FSAB-EngineRS 280x150 15KLX150F 370LIM2FSAB-Front headlight280x150

Large Petal Discs Brakes

The 240 mm front petal disc is gripped by a twin-piston caliper and when combined with 190 mm rear petal disc and single piston caliper offers strong easy-to-control braking.

The front and rear calipers use sintered brake pads for good wear characteristics.

Strong, Reliable Engine

The engine in the KLX150BF offers a simple, easy-to-use and highly reliable power plant.

The 144 cm³ 4-stroke air-cooled single-cylinder engine offers a lightweight power plant with both reliability and strong performance. Large Keihin NCV24 carburettor ensures smooth throttle response and excellent fuel economy.

Halogen Headlight

Sharp new headlight design fetures a 35/35 W halogen bulb. A new meter visor contributes to the aggressive appearance.


 15KLX150F 370LIM2FSAB-Front FORK163x214

15KLX150F 370LIM2FSAB-Rear shock 163x214

15KLX150F IDN LIM Rear link280x210 

Inverted Front Fork

With new 35 mm diameter inverted front fork offers a serious boost to off-road riding potential. Increased bottoming resistance eliminates bottoming on off-road trails. Wheel travel measures 175 mm as before.

Gas Charged Rear Shock 

Single rear shock absorber with pressurised nitrogen gas is 5-way adjustable for preload, allowing riders to set the bike up for their weight.

 Uni-Trak Rear Suspension

Uni-Trak rear suspension with 192 mm of wheel travel provides great road holding ability and bump absorption. Shock settings suit the  large wheel sizes.

15KLX150F IDN LIM POV 280x214 15KLX150F 44JLIMFMEA00D 280 15KLX150F 370LIM2FSAB-LSENGINE 163x214


A combination of form and function, the frame was also designed to be easy to grip with the legs, offering superior chassis control to the rider. Throttle grips are the same as those on our top-class MX racers. Raised pattern on half of the surface makes them easier to grip. The handlebar is rubber-mounted for reduced vibration transferred to the rider’s hands. Further, the upper triple clamp and handle clamp are separate pieces, making it easier to install an aftermarket handlebar.


Simple analogue instrumentation includes a speedometer odometer, fuel guage and indicator lights.


5 Speed Transmission

5-speed transmission ensures there is a gear for every situation, enabling quick pick-ups when accelerating from a stop, and relaxed cruising ability when riding at higher speeds. Shorter final gearing care of larger rear sprockets (KLX150BF: 52/14 vs 47/14) focuses the engine’s performance in the low-mid rpm range. This contributes to increased off-road performance, the stronger low-end enabling riders to continue moving forward even when navigating tricky off-road trails.
The 5-plate clutch uses three different types of friction plates to ensure durability while reducing clutch noise.

 15KLX150F 370LIM2FSAB-Front Wheel163x214

15KLX150F IDN LIM Seat 280x214 

15KLX150F IDN LIM Fuel tank 280x214

Lighweight Aluminium Rims

Light aluminium rims enhance the appearance and handling.

Flat Seat Design

The flat design of the tank and seat gives the rider greater freedom of movement when changing riding position, and facilitates sitting farther forward. Like our KX racers, the KLX150BF features a two-tone seat leather.

6.9 Litre Fuel Tank

With a capacity of 6.9 litres the fuel tank contributes to the KLX150BF long range, enabling riders to enjoy a full day of trail riding on a single tank.

15KLX150F IDN LIM Muffler 280x214

15KLX150F IDN LIM Taillight 280x214

15KLX150F IDN LIM RS R280x210 

Low Exhaust Emission

Exhaust emissions clear Euro-III emissions regulations. A larger catalyser (located at the silencer entrance) ensures emissions regulations continue to be met with the shorter gearing. Silencer feaures an oval cross section, giving it a sharp aggressive design.

Aggressive Taillight

Aggressive taillight design complements the bikes’ racy image. The long rear flap integrates the rear turn signals for a compact, tidy design. Handy tool box located on the inside of the left side cover features everything necessary for quick, on-the-spot maintenance jobs.


The 2015 KLX150BF is covered by a 24 Month Factory Unlimited Kilometre Warranty for added peace of mind.


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Type Air-cooled, 4-stroke Single
Displacement 144 cm³
Bore and Stroke 58.0 x 54.4 mm
Compression ratio 9.5:1
Valve system SOHC, 2 valves
Carburettor Carburettor: Keihin NCV24
Ignition Digital DC-CDI
Starting Electric
Lubrication Forced lubrication, wet sump
Transmission 5-speed, return
Final drive Chain
Primary reduction ratio 2.880 (72/25)
Gear Ratios:  
  1st 2.917 (35/12)
  2nd 2.000 (32/16)
  3rd 1.474 (28/19)
  4th 1.182 (26/22)
  5th 1.000 (24/24)
Final reduction ratio 3.714 (52/14)
Clutch Wet multi-disc, manual
Frame Type Perimeter, box-section, high-tensile steel
  front 35 mm Inverted fork (175 mm wheel travel)
  rear Uni-Trak Single gas shock with 5-way spring preload adjustment (192 mm wheel travel)
  front 2.75-21 45P
  rear 4.10-18 59P
Caster (rake) 27.0°
Trail 109.6 mm
Steering angle (left/right) 43° / 43°
Front brake Single 240 mm petal disc
  Caliper Twin-piston
Rear brake Single 190 mm petal disc
  Caliper Single-piston
Overall length 2,070 mm
Overall width 825 mm
Overall height 1,155 mm
Wheelbase 1,340 mm
Ground clearance 285 mm
Seat height 870 mm
Curb mass 118 kg (Includes full tank of fuel and all fluids at correct levels)
Exhaust Emissions Euro-III
Fuel capacity 6.9 litres
Warranty = 24 month unlimited kilometres


The specifications mentioned here apply to and have been achieved by production models under standard operating conditions. We intend only to give a fair description of the vehicle and its performance capabilities but these specifications may not apply to every machine supplied for sale. Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd. reserves the right to alter specifications without prior notice. Equipment illustrated and specifications may vary to meet individual markets.

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