Unprecedented Riding Experience

As the pioneer of personal watercraft and the creator of the original mass-produced stand-up model, Kawasaki is pleased to present the JET SKI SX-R, a long-awaited model sure to redefine the standard for stand-up power and handling. Powered by a 1,498 cm³ 4-stroke In-Line Four, the SX-R has twice as much power as its 2-stroke predecessor, the JET SKI 800 SX-R, and a broad spread of power that delivers strong acceleration from any rpm. This massive power is harnessed in a newly designed hull that allows riders to use their whole body as they skilfully control this exciting new model. The 4-stroke JET SKI SX-R breathes new life into the standup category. Its combination of big, yet manageable power and agile, rider-active handling offers a wide range of riders an unprecedented riding experience.




Key Features

  • The marine 1,498 cm³ DOHC inline four-cylinder engine produces 160 horsepower. It’s the most powerful production Stand-Up PWC in history.
  • Superb cornering performance. Development of the new hull incorporated racing feedback.
  • Agile handling complemented by great stability and increased power, allows higher cornering speed.
  • Exceptional stability from a longer and wider hull contibutes to excellent stability in both straight line and in turns.  
  • Wide deck with a larger, wider floor provides more room to move around. 
  • Sleek and sharp styling, reflecting its high race potential. 
  • Injection mould sponsons contribute to overall stability as well as sharp, clean turning performance and a very solid feel when banking.
  • Kawasaki Splash Deflector (KSD): a lateral strip on the forward section of the hull reduces water splash, especially at speed and in rough water.
  • MX-style handlebar features a sporty pad that contributes to the racy looks.


 17JS1500A 251BK2DRSA00D C440x260


Rider Active Hull

Designed to house the larger engine, the longer, wider stand-up hull offers the best of both worlds: agile handling and superb stability. This combination ensures the high performance required for racing while offering recreational riders a package they can handle with confidence. Development of the new hull incorporated racing feedback. Its agile handling, complemented by great stability and increased power, allows higher cornering speed. Corner grip of the well balanced machine exceeds that of the 800 SX-R. Being 355 mm longer and 35 mm wider, the hull’s larger size contributes to excellent stability in both straight lines and in turns. Sitting high in the water when stopped, the hull’s stability facilitates boarding.

17JS1500A 251BK2DLFB00D C440x260

17JS1500A Engine C440x260




Marine 1,498 cm³ 4-Stroke In-Line Four Engine

DOHC, 16-valve, fuelinjected, 4-stroke In-Line Four engine displaces 1,498 cm³ and has a bore/stroke ratio of 83.0 x 69.2 mm. Compression is 10.6:1. Electronic fuel injection system delivers hard-hitting throttle response. Fuel injection also ensures easy, hassle-free starting with the push of a button. Throttle body diameter of ø60 mm ensures quick response and high power output at all rpm. Valve sizes measure ø33.4 mm (IN) and ø28.3 mm (EX). Narrow valve angles (IN=12°, EX=13°) ensure a highly efficient combustion chamber shape. All-aluminium cylinder with electroplated bores is light, long wearing and offers superior heat dispersion. Coolant water is force-fed from the jet pump. Filter at the inlet prevents debris from entering the system. Redesigned to fit in a stand-up hull, the slim, compact water muffler takes up about 20% less space than that of the STX-15F. It also contributes to low weight. Double-walled water-cooled exhaust manifold provides efficient cooling. Sound absorbing box inside the water muffler contributes to low exhaust noise. Plastic intake manifold designed with feedback from ULTRA 310 Series models contributes to low-rpm acceleration and response. Large-capacity airbox reduces intake noise for quiet operation.
17JS1500A intake grate C280x150

Stainless Steel Grate

Water intake is via a special low-resistance stainless steel intake grate. Its design, although slightly longer, was based on the highly efficient grate of the 800 SX-R.
17JS1500A Pump nozzle C280x150

Stainless Steel Impeller

The 148 mm diameter oval-edged, 3-blade, cast stainless-steel impeller delivers strong acceleration, high efficiency and low cavitation. Tough cast stainless-steel aerofoil is less likely to suffer damage, helping to prevent cavitation erosion. The jet pump drive-line features a large rubber damper to absorb shock loads from the powerful engine, and to reduce drive-line noise. Strong drive shaft complements the engine power; the drive shaft is supported by a sealed bearing.
17JS1500A KDS C280x150


The Ultra 310R's Kawasaki Splash Deflector (KSD): The ridges across the bottom of the bow deflect water splashing foward from under the hull. A fourth splash deflector mounted at the top reduces spray duirng high speed turns.

 17JS1500A 251BK2DLFB00D C440x260

Massive Power

The JET SKI SX-R offers double the power of Kawasaki’s last stand-up model. Its 4-stroke In-Line Four engine – based on that of Kawasaki’s highly successful runabout race platform, the JET SKI STX-15F – also enables a top speed more than 25% quicker than the JET SKI 800 SX-R. Its flat torque curve ensures that the big power is available from very low rpm. The SX-R delivers the impressive performance that racers crave: acceleration is overwhelmingly stronger, and slalom course times are markedly quicker. Compared to the narrow power band of the 2-stroke
800 SX-R, the broad range of 4-stroke power offered by the SX-R is very manageable, facilitating control.


Injection-moulded sponsons contribute to overall stability as well as sharp, clean turning performance and a very solid feel when banking.

17JS1500A sponsons C280x150

17JS1500A Tray C280x150

Large Deck

Commensurate with its larger hull, the deck features a larger, wider floor area (especially at the front), offering greater freedom of movement. Deck has a forward slant, making it easier for riders to brace against the SX-R’s strong acceleration. The high side deck
fins are easy to use as a point of leverage for the legs. Pads on the inside of the deck fins contribute to grip.



17JS1500A Handle pole C280x150

Reinforced Handle Pole

The handle pole is a reinforced version of that from the 800 SX-R (to ensure the durability to match the increased power and higher top speed). Its pivot was positioned to reduce the amount of forward/backward movement at the grips, to minimise rider fatigue, particularly during long races.


17JS1500A storage C280x150

Convenience & Practical Features

Combined with the efficient 4-stroke engine, the 23 litre fuel tank offers a greater range than the 800 SX-R (which had a 17 litre volume). Indent beneath the handle pole offers convenient storage for small items like rope, flare, etc. Items are secured with a handy rubber net.

17JS1500A Handlebar C280x150

Handlebar and Warning Lights

MX-style handlebar features a sporty pad that contributes to the ski’s racy looks. Handlebar made from stainless steel (aluminium on the 800 SX-R) offers increased corrosion resistance. Engine and fuel warning lamps built into the handle pole pad offer at-a-glance information.

17JS1500A Ignition key C440x260

Key Operated

Key-operated magnetic ignition switch discourages theft.  Wrist lanyard connected to the engine stop switch automatically stops the engine should the operator fall overboard.

17JS1500A Sleek stylingC280x150A

Sleek Styling

Racy graphics add to the sleek styling while hinting at the SX-R’s high level of performance. The SX-R’s sleek and sharp styling followed the design essence of the 800 SX-R. Its lines were carefully crafted to give the new machine a distinct Kawasaki look (especially from the front) while contributing to a compact-looking package. The reshaped engine hood not only looks great, it gives easy access to the engine compartment, making it easy to install performance parts and to perform maintenance. Hood is made of SMC (Sheet Moulding Compound)

17JS1500A Action C280x150

Handy Hull Features

Bilge drain plugs in the hull facilitate after-use draining. Integrated flotation cells make the SX-R virtually impossible to sink.



Ebony and Jet White


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Type 4-stroke In-Line Four
Displacement 1,498 cm³
Bore and Stroke 83 x 69.2 mm
Compression ratio 10:6:1
Valve system DOHC, 16 valves
Fuel system Fuel injection: ø60 mm x 1
Ignition TCBI with Digital Advance
Starting Electric
Cooling Inducted water
Lubrication Forced lubrication, semi-dry sump

Drive System

Coupling Direct drive from engine
  Type Axial flow, single stage
  Thrust 4,250 N {433 kgf}
  Impeller diameter ø148
Steering Steerable nozzle


Maximum power 118 kW {160 PS} / 7,500 rpm
Maximum torque 152 N.m / 7,250 rpm


Overall length 2,655 mm
Overall width 765 mm
Overall height 840 mm
Dry Weight NA
Curb mass 250 kg includes full tank of fuel and all fluids at optimum levels
Fuel capacity 23 litres


12 months


17JS1500A 251BK2DRSA00D C440x260
Ebony and Jet White


The specifications mentioned here apply to and have been achieved by production models under standard operating conditions. We intend only to give a fair description of the vehicle and its performance capabilities but these specifications may not apply to every machine supplied for sale. Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd. reserves the right to alter specifications without prior notice. Equipment illustrated and specifications may vary to meet individual markets.



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Accessories for JS1500AHF 2017 JS1500AHF SX-R


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* Use as a replacement for stock lanyards * Wrist cinch constructed of soft fabric covered tube material * JET SKI logo on wrist strap


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* Use as a replacement for stock lanyards * Wrist cinch constructed of soft fabric covered tube material * JET SKI logo on wrist strap


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* Unique formula breaksdown dirt, grime and oils while gently protecting paint and other delicate finishes * Safe on plastics, carbon fiber, paint, anodizing, aluminum, titanium, rubber * Biodegradable cleaning formula * Contains no harmful acids, CFC's or solvents * Will not harm seals or brake pads * Spray on, wash off, go ride * 32 US FLOZ (946mL)

Vacu-Hold Jet Ski Cover

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Vacuum-vented trailering system Lower front hull section protects the front of the craft Zippered fuel filler opening for easy refueling without removing cover Constructed of Sur Last? solution dyed polyester 2 year warranty against fading, bleeding, and manufacturer?s defects